New Book on Shop Floor Control

Subject: New Book on Shop Floor Control
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Date: Sat Feb 28 1998 - 08:38:38 MET

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

the field of production management has largely changed during the passed decade
and we are more and more looking at manufacturing from a holistic view.
Initiatives and developments like the Fractal Enterprise, Holonic
Manufacturing, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems or the Agile Enterprise stress
this view.
While for a long time systems design approaches stressed the technical side of
manufacturing now its social nature is taken into account. Often labeled "soft
factors" the social aspects in many cases are acknowledged but not incorporated
into a stringent theory and methodology.
It was a major aim of my research over the passed years to provide a further
step to fill this gap. Therefore I am happy to announce the publication of a
book by Springer Verlag titled "Shop Floor Control - A Systems Perspective",
which provides a holistic view at shop floor scheduling and control, one of the
core fields of industrial engineering research as well as a major function
within any manufacturing enterprise.
The book presents the joined efforts of several researchers in the fields of
industrial engineering, work psychology, industrial sociology, economics, and
business computing and probably will be interesting for all researchers in the
field of knowledge-based scheduling since it focuses on human-machine
interaction and organizational dynamics.
Following you will find further description of the book and an order form.
Probably you will find the subject interesting and you may want to order
the book or suggest it to your institution's libary for order.

Eric Scherer

Dr. sc. techn. Eric Scherer
Hadlaubstr. 76
CH 8006 Zurich


New Book by Springer

E. Scherer, Institute for Industrial Management and
Engineering BWI, Zurich, Switzerland (Ed.)

Shop Floor Control – A Systems Perspective
>From Deterministic Models towards Agile Operations Management

With a preface by Kenneth Preiss

1998, 408 pp., 115 figs., 6 tabs.
Hardcover. DEM 158,-
ISBN 3-540-64002-9

 Shop floor control and namely the problem of job shop
 scheduling have been fields of research for a long time.
 However, until now no comprehensive framework on the various
 aspects exists. This book will provide a systems perspective
 towards shop floor control by stressing its sociotechnical
 and cybernetical nature. It focuses on the behavioral
 aspects of control activities and sees the shop floor as the
 center of value-adding manufacturing activities within an
 enterprise. The book enables the reader to understand the
 interaction of organization, information technology and
 human resources. This eventually allows to achieve holistic
 and agile solutions and facilitates profound organizational
 change. The book will therefore provide a welcome addition
 to several standard textbooks on the issue.

>From the Contents:

xtbooks on the issue.

- From Deterministic Models towards Agile Operations
  Management (Scherer)

Part One: Understanding Shop Floor Control – A Close Look at Reality
- The Reality of Shop Floor Control – Approaches to Systems
  Innovation (Scherer)
- Control on the Verge of Chaos – Analysis of Dynamic Production
  Structures (Dobberstein)
- Rationality, Culture and Politics of Production (Moldaschl)

Part Two: Systems and Organizations
- Models, Systems and Reality: Knowledge Generation and
  Strategies for Systems Design (Scherer)
- Systems Concepts and Organizational Design: A Basic Review (Kuark)

Part Three´: Control Strategies for Complex Manufacturing Systems
- From Central Planning and Control to Self-Regulation
  on the Shop Floor (Schüpbach)
- System Models and Concepts for Distributed Production
  Planning and Control (Ahrens)

Part Four: Planning, Scheduling and Control: Aspects of Decision Making
- Approaches to Shop Floor Scheduling – A Critical Review (Stuber)
- The Link to the ‘Real World’: Information, Knowledge and Experience
  for Decision Making (Fleig & Schneider)

Part Five: Making Use of Information Technology: Human-Machine Interaction
- The Application of Information Technology at
  Shop Floor Level: Use and Acceptance (Scherer)
- Supervisory Control Principles for Dynamic Operations Management
  of Manufacturing Shop Floors (Szelke)
- IT at the Shop Floor – Criteria-based Methodologies for
  Human-Machine Task Allocation (Zoelch & Scherer)
- Guidelines for Systems Design for Operational Production
  Management (Stuber)

Part Six: On the Road to Agility: Changing Organizational Structures
- Making Teams Work – A Key for Effective Shop Floor Control (Hurtz)
- Shop Floor Control as a Task of Organizational Development
  (Weik & Scherer)
- Work-Process Knowledge and the School-to-Work
  Transition (Fischer & Stuber)

Due April 1998

Customers from Europe and outside USA, Canada, Mexico please send your
order to:
      Customer Service
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      D-14197 Berlin
Fax: +49-30-82787301

Customers from USA, Canada, Mexico please send your order to:
      Springer- Verlag New York Inc.
      175 Fifth Avenue
      New York, NY 10010, USA
Fax: +1-212-4 73 62 72

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