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Date: Sat Jan 24 1998 - 18:30:48 MET

The UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group acts as a forum in the UK
for those interested in AI approaches to planning and scheduling and their
applications. SIG membership is free and open to all.

The SIG has a updated web site containing freely-available information on
companies, events, mailing lists, news, papers and publications, and people in
the AI planning and scheduling field. In addition, there are links to many
planning and scheduling systems, including source code.

The site address is:

What is AI planning and scheduling?
Planning and scheduling are the means by which an organisation/entity chooses a course of actions, before performing it,
to meet some objective. In AI terms, planning focuses on selecting and sequencing the actions, and scheduling centres on
assigning time and resources to action-sequences. In practice, planning
and scheduling are usually interleaved, and techniques developed in one area
are often applicable to the other. The AI approach concentrates on exploiting
knowledge specific to the organisation/entity and its field of operations
("domain knowledge").

All contributions to the SIG web site are welcome

- Dan Ballin
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