Scandinavian Special Interest Group in Planning and Scheduling

Subject: Scandinavian Special Interest Group in Planning and Scheduling
From: Jon Spragg (
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 09:39:14 MET


The Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark,
do not have a forum for researchers, and industrial practitioners,
interested in artificial intelligence approaches to planning and
scheduling and their applications.

Therefore, researchers at the Institutionen för informationsteknologi,
Mitthögskolan, Sweden are wondering whether there is sufficient interest
among planners and schedulers in these countries to establish a
Scandinavian Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group (SIG)
which would act as a forum for exchanging ideas and building contacts
between academia and industry.

The SIG would maintain a web site containing freely-available
on companies, events, mailing lists, news, papers and publications.
It would also maintain a list of people working in intelligent planning,
and constraint management in Scandinavia .

In addition, the SIG would organize workshops and conferences to allow
people to
present their work.

The question is, is there sufficient interest among Scandinavian
and industrial workers to establish such a SIG?

Please send me your comments and observations. If enough people show
interest we can begin organising the first Scandinavian Workshop on
Planning and Scheduling in 1998 (somewhere where we can also get some
in at the same time!).

        - Jon Spragg, Visiting Professor, Mid Sweden University.

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