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Subject: Journal of Scheduling: Announcement and CFP
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                          JOURNAL OF SCHEDULING

                    Announcement and Call for Papers


                   * Publishing from June 1998 *

                     * In print and on-line *


EDMUND BURKE (Editor-in-Chief), University of Nottingham, UK

DAVID CORNE, University of Reading, UK

MICHAEL PINEDO, New York University, USA

STEEF VAN DE VELDE, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

The Editors invite you to submit high quality scheduling-related work for
publication in this new international, peer reviewed journal. papers of
both theoretical and applied nature will be considered and prompt reviewing
and publication times will be maintained.


The Journal of Scheduling will provide a recognised global forum for the
publication of all forms of sheduling-oriented research. Publishing from
June 1998, JOS will cover advances in scheduling research, such as the
latest techniques, applications, theoretical issues and novel approaches to
problems. The journal will be directly relevant to the areas of Computer
Science, Discrete Mathematics, Operational Research, Engineering,
Management, Artificial Intelligence, Construction, Distribution,
Manufacturing, Transport, Aerospace and Retail and Service Industries. These
disciplines face complex scheduling needs and all stand to gain from
advances in scheduling technology and understanding.


* Incorporates theoretical, experimental and applied research
* Covers recent computational and algorithmic advances in the field
* Addresses the industrial need for scheduling
* Includes surveys of techniques appropriate to particular subsets of
problems, for example:

        Real-time scheduling
        Sports scheduling
        Shop-floor scheduling
        Transport scheduling
        Vehicle routing
        Employee timetabling
        Machine scheduling
        Educational timetabling

Also covers applications relevant to areas such as:

        Constraint logic programming
        Artificial Intelligence
        Heuristic search
        Rule-based expert systems
        Automated Reasoning
        Evolutionary algorithms
        Mathematical programming


Kenneth R. BAKER Dartmouth College, USA
James C. BEAN University of Michigan, USA
Howard BECK Diagonal Logistics, UK
Jacek BLAZEWICZ Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Peter BRUCKER University of Osnabruck, Germany
Xiaoqiang CAI The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Michael W. CARTER University of Toronto, Canada
E.G. COFFMAN, Jr Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, NY, USA
Yves CRAMA Universite de Liege, Belgium
Nicos CHRISTOFIDES Imperial College. UK
Erik DEMEULEMEESTER Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
David B. FOGEL Natural Selection Inc., USA
Mark S. FOX University of Toronto, Canada
Fred GLOVER University of Colorado, USA
Toshihide IBARAKI Kyoto University, Japan
Jeffrey H. KINGSTON University of Sydney, Australia
Claude LE PAPE Bouygues - Direction Scientifique, France
Jan Karel LENSTRA Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Jiyin LIU The Honk Kong University of Science and Technology,
                            Hong Kong
Bart MacCARTHY University of Nottingham, UK
Rolf MOEHRING Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Chris N. POTTS University of Southampton, UK
V. J. RAYWARD-SMITH University of East Anglia, UK
Rhonda RIGHTER Santa Clara University, USA
David M. RYAN University of Auckland, New Zealand
Gunter SCHMIDT University of Saarland, Germany
David B. SHMOYS Cornell University, USA
Wolfgang SLANY Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Stephen F. SMITH Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Joel WEIN Polytechnic University, New York, USA
D. de WERRA Ecole Polytechnique Federal Lausanne, Switzerland
Darrel WHITLEY Colorado State University, USA
Gerhard WOEGINGER Graz University of Technology, Austria
Anthony WREN University of Leeds, UK


1) Six copies of the manuscript should be submitted to one of the Editors.
Wherever possible, please also submit an electronic copy of the manuscript
on disk. Manuscripts may also be e-mailed to the Editors.

2) Only original papers, not published elsewhere, will be accepted, and
copyright in published papers will be vested in the publisher.

Full instructions are available from the Publisher - please e-mail for a copy.

      Journal of Scheduling

A full text version of the journal will be available on-line from June 1998.


Journal of Scheduling is published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Baffins Lane,
Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1UD, UK. Please contact Sam Williams at the
above address to order a sample copy. Alternatively, you can e-mail your
request to

Volume 1 (1998) 3 issues
ISSN 1094-6136
Institutional Rate $125.00
Personal Rate $40.00
First issue June 1998

Subscription rates for the electronic version, or for both versions, are not
yet available. Please contact the publisher for further information.

(Volume 2 (1999) and subsequent volumes 6 issues)

All prices include postage and air-speeded delivery

You can also e-mail your requests - please complete and return the
information below:


[ ] Please send me a free sample copy of the first issue (June 1998)

[ ] Please e-mail the full ordering information (including rates for the
on-line version)

[ ] Please e-mail the full Instructions to Authors

[ ] Please send [ ] copies of the print version of the full
Announcement and Call for Papers


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