REMINDER: The Online bibliography on planning and scheduling

Subject: REMINDER: The Online bibliography on planning and scheduling
From: James Soutter (
Date: Thu Sep 25 1997 - 16:10:55 MET DST

REMINDER: The Online bibliography on planning and scheduling


The UK planning and scheduling SIG would like to remind research
scientists of its online bibliography service. The bibliography lists
papers that are relevant to the planning and scheduling community as a
whole, including selected papers on robotics, formal logics and
natural language processing.

The development strategy for the bibliography is based on the "bazaar"
model of software development. The bazaar model was used to good
effect in the development of the Linux operating system. Anybody can
submit new references to the database. In fact, all planning and
scheduling researchers are asked to submit references for the papers
that they use in their work. Given sufficient support, the
bibliography database will be kept up to date by the community for the
community. This can be achieved without requiring a huge amount of
work from any one person.

Currently the database holds 2,786 references. The bibliography is
the sixth largest in the AI section of the "Collection of online
bibliographies" ( maintained
by Alf-Christian Achilles

In the last 37 days the database has received 416 search queries from
228 sites. We expect to receive more hits in the next month because
of wider publicity and because of the many new PhD students that start
at this time of year.

If you wish to publicise your own work on planning or scheduling then
please add your publications to the bibliography using the online
submission form (http://strips/

If you write using Latex and so maintain a bibliography in Bibtex
format then we would be grateful if you would contribute your
bibliography to the online database project. No bibliography is too
big or too small. Our software automatically removes duplicate
entries so there is no need to prune a database before submitting it.
Email your bibliography to

Bibliography databases in the formats listed below are also accepted.
Most bibliography database packages can produce output in at least one
of these formats.

        bibtex refer tib
        rfc1807 rfc1357 procite
        inspec medline

The online planning and scheduling bibliography is just one of the
services available from the UK Planning and Scheduling SIG's home page
at "".

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