ETAI News Journal "Planning and Scheduling"

Subject: ETAI News Journal "Planning and Scheduling"
From: Susanne Biundo (
Date: Thu Aug 21 1997 - 14:25:52 MET DST

Dear Colleagues,

the area "Planning and Scheduling" within the new journal

           Electronic Transactions on AI (ETAI)

is now up and running and you are invited to submit papers!

Below, you find more about ETAI, the area's news journal, and
the call for papers.

                       MORE ABOUT ETAI

The ETAI is a new electronic journal with specific publication and
refereeing schemes.
Articles submitted to the ETAI are reviewed in a 2-phase process.
After submission, an article is open to public online discussion
in the area's News Journal. Authors are expected to watch this
discussion for possible feedback. After the discussion period of
three months, and after the authors have had a chance to revise it,
the article is reviewed for acceptance by the ETAI, using confidential
peer review and journal level quality criteria. This second phase is
expected to be rather short because of the preceding discussion and
possible revision.
During the entire reviewing process, the article is already published
in a "First Publication Archive", which compares to publication as a
departmental tech report.

In the ETAI area "Reasoning about Action and Change", you can
already watch the online discussion about received articles. It is
similar to what you have in the discussion periods at a conference,
but it is persistent (questions and answers remain online), and it
gives time for thought (both for those asking questions and for the
authors who answer).

More details about submission and reviewing can be found on the ETAI
home page and in the area "Reasoning about Action and Change".


The first issues of the Planning and Scheduling "News Journal" and
"Electronic Colloquium" have now been published and can be accessed
directly at
                  ........ /ec.html
or via the ETAI home page.

They aim to provide news and more permanent information, relevant for people
working in the area. I am sure you will find some useful information on these
pages, which are continuously updated and extended, and I invite your
contributions and comments to their various sections.

                      CALL FOR PAPERS

Work in the area of AI Planning and Scheduling ranges from formal and
theoretical approaches to very practical and application-driven
contributions and with that traditionally covers a variety of border
regions of related fields.

For the ETAI, papers are invited from the whole spectrum of AI Planning
and Scheduling research. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted
to: -- classical AI planning -- scheduling -- planning and reasoning about
actions -- deductive planning -- temporal planning -- case-based planning --
planning and complexity -- plan recognition -- planning and perception --
planning and learning -- robot planning -- constraint reasoning in planning
and scheduling -- multi-agent planning -- planning under uncertainty --
decision-theoretic planning -- resource management -- knowledge acquisition
and domain modeling for planning and scheduling -- reactive planning --
cognitive models and ontologies for planning and scheduling -- planning and
scheduling systems' user interfaces -- applications.

Submission details are provided at the ETAI home page.

Area Editorial Board
Susanne Biundo, DFKI, Germany (area editor)
Berthe Choueiry, Stanford University, USA
Brian Drabble, CIRL, University of Oregon, USA
James Hendler, University of Maryland, USA
Joachim Hertzberg, GMD, St. Augustin, Germany
Witold Lukaszewicz, Warsaw University, Poland
Sam Steel, University of Essex, United Kingdom
Sylvie Thiebaux, IRISA, Rennes, France
Paolo Traverso, IRST, Trento, Italy

Hoping you will enjoy reading the ETAI and looking
forward to your submissions, contributions, and comments,

yours sincerely,

           Susanne Biundo

Dr. Susanne Biundo phone: +49 681 302 5256
German Research Center for fax: +49 681 302 5341
Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) email:
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbruecken


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