StarFLIP++ Version 1.0 available

Subject: StarFLIP++ Version 1.0 available
From: Wolfgang Slany (
Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 13:54:24 MET DST

StarFLIP++ is a reusable iterative optimization library for combinatorial
problems with fuzzy constraints that is available in Version 1.0 under the
GNU library general public license. StarFLIP++ is a joint effort of the

The goal of real-world decision making is to optimize some combinatorial
problem. In order to optimize, one needs criteria, which can be expressed
for instance as constraints. Real world constraints are usually vague and
have different relative importances. Also, data collected from unreliable
sources is often slightly incorrect. Sometimes criteria even contradict
each other. Therefore compromises are necessary. Typical application areas
of combinatorial constraint optimizers include scheduling, design,
configuration, planning, and classification. Test application domains for
prototypes are steel-production scheduling and classroom roostering. To
investigate real-world combinatorial optimization problems, we have
designed and (partly) implemented the StarFLIP++ family of C++ libraries,
especially focusing on reusability and applicability for a wide range of
combinatorial problems.

Documentation and precompiled demo applications (SunOS4.1.3, Linux,
MS Windows 95, some non-GUI demos also for MS Dos) are included.

For more details, please check out the StarFLIP++ homepage:


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