CFP - NASA Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space

Subject: CFP - NASA Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space
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Date: Sun Jun 08 1997 - 02:24:57 MET DST

Call for Participation

Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space

October 1997
Mandalay Beach Resort (Embassy Suites), Oxnard, CA

In recent years, automated planning and scheduling technology have matured -
resulting in a number of successful, deployed systems. Within the area of
Space Exploration and Science, planning and scheduling is directly relevant
in a wide range of areas, including:

   * spacecraft and payload operations;
   * operations of spacebourne and ground-based scientific observatories;
   * load forecasting, resource allocation, and scheduling of antenna
   * generation of antenna tracking plans;
   * science data analysis;
   * analysis of operability of designs; and
   * operations and payload scheduling for space transportation systems.

These breadth and importance of these areas represents both an unprecedented
opportunity to impact space exploration and science and a unique set of
challenges for Plannning and Scheduling technology. In order to foster
teaming and collaboration in this endeavor, the first NASA Workshop on
Planning and Scheduling for Space Exploration and Science will bring

   * NASA, other space agency, Industry, and University technologists
     working on planning and scheduling applications for space
   * User group representatives who have problems and requirements, and
   * Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research technologists working
     in the area of automated planning and scheduling with technologies
     relevant to space exploration and science.

This workshop is the first of a new regular forum to foster exchange of
information, collaborations, and teaming to develop and deploy planning and
scheduling technology within NASA and the space community. The workshop will
be held every twelve to eighteen months - the next workshop will be held in
northern California, and will be sponsored/hosted by the NASA Ames Research
Center. The three-day workshop, with approximately 50 participants, will be
organized around individual presentations, poster presentations, and group
discussions. The goals of the workshop are to:

   * Inform user groups within NASA and the space community about
     technologies available and being developed and their levels of
   * Inform NASA and other space AI practitioners about user groups, their
     problems and requirements.
   * Inform researchers in academia about space application domains.
   * Encourage contacts between technologists and users.

In particular, we strongly encourage users of fielded applications to attend
and present their view of the difficulties and benefits of planning and
scheduling technology.

The workshop will take place at the Manadalay Beach Resort/Embassy Suites in
Oxnard, California. This scenic oceanside location will help to foster the
close-knit interactions and interchanges to enable significant progress in
planning and scheduling for space applications.

Those interested in participating are asked to submit either

   * 1-3 page abstract describing their planning and scheduling problem
   * a 3 page abstract or 8-page full paper describing their work in
     developing or applying AI techniques to problems in planning and

Please indicate whether you wish to present your problem or work at the
workshop. Wotking notes including papers will be distributed to workshop
attendees. Additionally, selected papers will be published in an editted
book soon after the workshop.

Please submit your abstract by hardcopy (8 copies), email, or fax, to:

Steve Chien
Attn: 1997 NASA Workshop on Planning and Scheduling
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
4800 Oak Grove Drive, Mail Stop 525-3660
Pasadena, California 91109-8099
tel: 818 306-6144
fax: 818 306-6912


Submission deadline: July 15, 1997
Invitations sent: August 15, 1997
Workshop: October 28-30, 1997

Organizing Committee

Steve Chien, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (chair)
Nicola Muscettola, NASA Ames Research Center (co-chair)
Chester Borden, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
John Bresina, NASA Ames Research Center
Robert Connerton, Goddard Space Flight Center
Jon Erickson, Johnson Space Center
John Jaap, Marshall Space Flight Center
Glenn Miller, Space Telescope Institute
Benjamin Smith, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Stephen Smith, Carnegie-Mellon University

For further information, please see the web page at or contact the workshop chair.

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