MRP II - Call for Papers

Subject: MRP II - Call for Papers
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Date: Mon Apr 21 1997 - 11:19:38 MET DST

Dear colleagues:

We are editing a book on MRP II related issues and like to invite you
to submit a paper. The Call for Papers can be found below.

Please, forward this message to any of your colleagues who you think
are potential authors, too.

Hoping to attract your interest.

Best regards,

   Andreas Drexl and Alf Kimms


                      CALL FOR PAPERS

       Beyond Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)

     Advanced Models and Methods for Production Planning

Papers are invited to be submitted for consideration in a special
volume with the above title. The book is edited by Andreas Drexl and
Alf Kimms. It will be published by Springer.

The logic of MRP II is implemented in most commercial production
planning software tools and is commonly accepted by practitioners.
However, these people are not satisfied with production planning and
complain about long leadtimes, high work-in-process, and backlogging.
As many researchers have pointed out, the reason for these
shortcomings is inherent to the methods that are used. The research
community is thus eager to find more sophisticated approaches.

Along the same lines as Management Science, Naval Research Logistics,
Operations Research, Production and Operations Management, and many
other journals, this book is an effort to compile the state-of-the-art
in the field of production planning research. The emphasis is on
models and methods which dominate the existing MRP II concept. Some
keywords may be: simultaneous lot sizing and scheduling, capacitated
lot sizing, multi-level lot sizing, rolling horizon, (re-)scheduling,
nervousness, hierarchical planning, coordination, stochastic data,...

All papers will be refereed.

To avoid errors and proof-reading by the authors after submission,
PAPERS WILL NOT BE REKEYED. Hence, authors are urged to use plain
LaTeX and to send their papers via email to the address given below.
If preparing a paper with LaTeX is not feasible, authors may send
three hard copies of their work.

Deadline for submission is July 1, 1997.

For questions concerning this book, please feel free to contact

     Prof. Dr. Andreas Drexl and Dr. Alf Kimms
     Lehrstuhl fuer Produktion und Logistik
     Institut fuer Betriebswirtschaftslehre
     Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel
     Olshausenstrasse 40
     24118 Kiel

     phone: ++49 431 880 1530
     fax: ++49 431 880 1531

or send an email to

which is also the account your LaTeX-file should be send to.


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