Research Position: Constraint-Directed Scheduling

Subject: Research Position: Constraint-Directed Scheduling
From: Chris Beck (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 18:20:58 MET DST

                         Research Scientist Position

            1-year Contract (with strong possibility of renewal)

                            Starting Immediately

The Enterprise Integration Laboratory at the University of Toronto is
seeking a research scientist for a 1-year contract (with strong possibility
of renewal) working in the Intelligent Scheduling Research Group (ISRG).
ISRG is a joint project of the Enterprise Integration Laboratory and
Numetrix, Ltd., a leader in the supply chain management software industry.

The focus of the group is the exploration and application of
constraint-directed scheduling technologies to industrial scheduling,
distribution, and supply chain coordination problems. We have developed,
NumODO, a constraint-directed scheduler with the ability to emulate a
variety of state-of-the-art scheduling algorithms. NumODO combines
generative scheduling and iterative improvement under the unifying concepts
of constraints, textures, and heuristic and implied commitments and allows
direct comparison of competing techniques.

We are looking for an enthusiastic addition to our group. The position

   * A significant role in formulating research directions.
   * An immediate impact on the state-of-the-art in both the research and
     industrial practice of scheduling.
   * Opportunities for independent and joint publication in leading
     technical conferences and journals. We are not a software-house: this
     is research and it is publishable.
   * Industrially competitive compensation.

Qualifications - Must-Haves

   * M.Sc. or Ph.D. (preferred) in Computer Science or related field.
   * A firm grounding in constraint-directed search and problem solving
     techniques. Specific scheduling knowledge/experience is not necessary!
   * Strong object-oriented software engineering skills and experience (2+
     years) in C++.
   * Strong communication skills.

Qualifications - Nice-To-Haves

Knowledge of:

   * Constraint-directed scheduling
   * Combinatorial optimization
   * Vehicle routing
   * Production scheduling
   * Xwindows
   * Lex/Yacc
   * TCL
   * PERL

If you meet these requirements and are interested in a challenging position
in a world class research environment, send your curriculum vitae to:

                                 Chris Beck
                       Department of Computer Science
                            University of Toronto
                           10 King's College Road
                          Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
                                   M5S 3G4
      Tel: 416-979-7700 fax: 416-979-9504 email:

This announcement (with links to more information about EIL and ISRG)
can be found at

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