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Subject: Research Position Open
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Date: Sat Nov 16 1996 - 00:10:06 MET

                         Research Scientist Position

                1-year Contract (with possibility of renewal)

                            Starting Immediately

The Enterprise Integration Laboratory at the University of Toronto is
seeking a research scientist for a 1-year contract (with possibility of
renewal) working on the Intelligent Scheduling Project.

The Intelligent Scheduling Project has developed a constraint-based
scheduling shell that emulates a variety of state-of-the-art scheduling
algorithms. The shell combines generative scheduling and iterative
improvement under the unifying concepts of constraints, textures and
commitments that allows direct comparison of competing techniques.


   * Design and implementation of extensions to the scheduling shell.
   * Application of new scheduling research to real-world problems driven by
     our industrial partners.
   * Participation in the research group pursuing active research on
     scheduling techniques and methodology.
   * Opportunities for a major role in determination of research directions
     and extensions.
   * Opportunities for publication in leading technical conferences and


   * MSc or PhD in Computer Science or related field.
   * 2+ years experience in object-oriented design and development in a
     UNIX/C++ environment.
   * Experience in any of the following a definite plus: Xwindows interface
     programming, lex/yacc programming, constraint-based reasoning and
     problem solving, production scheduling, artificial intelligence.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in a challenging position
in a world class research environment, send your curriculum vitae, a copy of
your transcripts, and 2 letters of recommendation by January 15, 1997 to:

                             Professor Mark Fox
                      Enterprise Integration Laboratory
                    Department of Industrial Engineering
                          Rosebrugh Bldg., Room 306
                             4 Taddle Creek Road
                          Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A4
       Tel: 416-978-6823 fax: 416-978-3453 email:

This job description (and a host of other fascinating information) can
be found at:

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