Planning/Scheduling Tools - Info Request/Surveys

Subject: Planning/Scheduling Tools - Info Request/Surveys
From: Michel Lizotte (
Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 20:28:05 MET DST

We are currently conducting a survey about planning and scheduling tools for the
Canadian Air Force. This survey is conducted at the Defence Research
Establishment Val Cartier (DREV) which is an organization of the Canadian
Department of National Defence (DND).

We are looking for
        - Software Products (commercial or not, whole systems or parts such as
          source code pieces);
        - Recent Tool Surveys; or
        - Good References (articles or web sites).

The following is a summary of the main characteristics of the tools we are
looking for. These characteristics are listed by order of importance. We DO
NOT look for tools meeting all these criteria. If a tool meets a good subset,
it is sufficient to be considered. For instance, a good subset would be the
first three criteria: replanning, adaptive and dynamic.

        - Replanning Capability;
        - Adaptive Planning (aircraft & crew Routing and Scheduling);
        - Dynamic, Time-constrained and Uncertain Environment;
        - Long, Medium and Short Term Planning (from 15 minutes to a day)
        - Intelligent Mission Planning Based on Criteria (e.g. time constraints);
        - AI functionality (e.g. resources suggestions);
        - Schedule Optimization (using criteria such as the number of flying
          hours/days off, ...).
        - Mission Preemption (i.e. including a mission within an on going one);
        - Automatic Rescheduling;
        - What-If Analysis (conflicts, impacts, aircraft and crew preparedness,
          turn-around time, lead time, mission kits availability, aircraft configuration);
        - Missions Merging;
        - Airframes and Aircrews Scheduling by Events (using 15 minutes intervals);
        - Flight Schedule and Flying Programs Support;
        - Resources and Equipment Assignment;
        - Flight Time Compilation Tables;
        - Alternative Plans Storage;

        - Task Priorities;
        - Customization and Optimization of Personnel Assignment;
        - Maintenance Schedule Integration;
        - Mission Templates;
        - Cargo and Baggage Allocation and Booking;
        - Passenger Allocation and Booking;
        - Load Balancing (including aircraft center of gravity calculation)

        - Access Based on Userís Position;
        - Transactions logging;
        - Graphical User Interface (preferably a GIS);
        - C++, ORACLE, and UNIX -based;
        - Appropriate Documentation;
        - On-line Help.

        - Resource Management Tool (personnel, equipment, bases, sites,
          aircrafts, airfields, consumable stores);
        - Worldwide Military and Civil Airfields;
        - Aircraft Information and Configuration.

Please send relevant information to Thanks.

                        Michel Lizotte

                        FAX: (418) 844-4538

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