Scheduling Benchmarks

Subject: Scheduling Benchmarks
Date: Fri Jul 19 1996 - 17:42:51 MET DST

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for scheduling benchmarks.
Following is a compendium of the results. I am posting these to the whole
list because I received so many requests for it.


        -Bert Baker

Planning & Scheduling Benchmarks home site supported by Barry Fox
(benchmarks secretary of the AAAI Special Interest Group in Manufacturing)
and Mark Ringer (similar responsibilities within the AIAA, Artificial
Intelligence Technical Committee).

A number of scheduling benchmark hyperlinks maintained by Artificial
Intelligence Applications Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

Select products, Solver and then technical papers for a set of scheduling
benchmarks used by the ILOG company.

The OR-Library supported by the Management School at the Imperial College
of Science, Technology and Medicine. Contains a number of tradiational OR


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Agent-Based Manufacturing Laboratory
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