Research Positions in Project AiV

Subject: Research Positions in Project AiV
From: Klaus Fischer (
Date: Fri Jul 05 1996 - 16:11:24 MET DST

  Job Vacancy in Applied Multiagent Systems Research

  DFKI GmbH is the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
  located on the campus of the universities of Saarbruecken and
  Kaiserslautern. The DFKI's mission is to develop basic AI technology
  and apply it to industrial applications. Within this context the
  DFKI has several projects in the area of Multiagent System (MAS) and
  Distributed AI (DAI) technology.

  The MAS research group at DFKI GmbH in Saarbruecken, headed by
  Prof. Joerg H. Siekmann, is investigating the use of MAS and DAI
  technology in several areas of industrial relevance, but
  particularly in the domain of traffic telematics. The AiV project
  has the goal of developing software technology for the
  implementation of large scale multiagent systems. The DFKI's
  industrial partners are using this software technology to implement
  "Personal Trip Assistants", that is systems to aid travelers in the
  planning and execution of their journeys. Within the AiV project we
  have job vacancies for two novice research assistants. The expected
  start of the employment is


  As a successful applicant you will ideally meet the following

  - you have recently graduated from a university with a degree in
    computer science or related subject

  - your were an above average student - with some background
    knowledge in AI or, even better, DAI and MAS research

  - you are able to work out ideas at a high level of abstraction

  - you are able to implement a specification in languages such as C
    or C++

  - you have a good command of spoken and written English

  If you would like to join a young and active team developing the
  latest in MAS and communication technology and like to work for a
  PhD in this area send your CV and a covering letter no later than



  Dr. Klaus Fischer

  by e-mail: (preferred)

  or by surface mail: DFKI GmbH
                      Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3 (Bau 43)
                      D-66123 Saarbruecken

  You can find out more about the MAS research group and may be
  updated versions of this announcement at

  Select the entry "Research Positions in project AiV".

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