Job opening at Honeywell Technology Center

Subject: Job opening at Honeywell Technology Center
From: Mark Boddy (
Date: Tue Jul 02 1996 - 23:45:09 MET DST

The Automated Reasoning group at the Honeywell Technology Center
is accepting applications for the following positions:

Senior Research Scientist -- We are interested in hiring an individual with
research interests in one or more of the following areas: planning and
scheduling, constraint satisfaction, distributed AI, probabilistic
reasoning/reasoning under uncertainty, or data mining. A Ph.D. in computer
science or a related area is required. In addition to technical
competence, breadth of knowledge, and research promise, other evaluation
criteria for this position include the ability to formulate and carry out
an independent program of research and good communication skills, both
spoken and written.

Research Scientist -- For this position, current research interests are
relevant but less important than expertise in system design and
implementation. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to
contribute to a variety of ongoing projects. A Masters' degree in computer
science, or for a candidate showing exceptional promise, a bachelor's in
computer science or a related field, is required.

HTC Organization

The Honeywell Technology Center (HTC) is an organization of over 300
scientists and engineers based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan
area. HTC is the company's primary research and development organization,
delivering the advanced technology, processes, and product and service
concepts needed to satisfy Honeywell's aerospace, industrial, and home and
building control customers worldwide. HTC maintains a broad technology
base in controls, systems and software, information processing and
displays, and sensors. HTC technology developments are currently
responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in Honeywell revenues each
year. Much of the research performed at HTC is funded by federal agencies,
including ARPA, NASA, NIST, the FAA, FHA, and the DOE. Additional support
comes from Honeywell divisions. The HTC web site is currently under construction, but does
provide a high-level overview of the research center.

The Automated Reasoning group consists of 13 research staff, plus
supporting personnel, within the Systems and Software technology area. We
have ongoing projects in the areas of planning and scheduling,
constraint-based reasoning, simulation, health maintenance and diagnosis,
real-time AI, information modeling, neural nets, and collaborative
agent-based systems. The work environment fosters the development of
individual research projects either within or complementary to current
research areas. The research we conduct tends to be somewhat applied.
Proving out ideas through the construction of prototype systems is a common
activity, though not to the complete exclusion of more theoretical
research. Interaction with the larger research community and collaboration
with researchers both inside and outside of Honeywell is encouraged.

For your information, the following is a list of research scientists
in the Automated Reasoning Group, including their primary areas of interest:

Mark Boddy <scheduling, constraint-based reasoning, planning, RTAI>
Jim Carciofini <scheduling, constraint-based reasoning>
Robert Goldman <scheduling, planning, bayesian reasoning, nat lang>
Steve Harp <neural nets, bayesian reasoning, data mining>
Kurt Krebsbach <realtime AI, planning, agents, distr scheduling>
K. Lakshminayaran <data mining, bayesian reasoning, neural nets>
David Musliner <realtime AI, planning, distributed scheduling, agents>
Kyle Nelson <diagnostics, agents, UI generation>
Robin Penner <UI generation, agents, UI design>
Ronald Quinn <neural nets, diagnostics>
Mark Ringer <scheduling>
Nelson Soken <usability analysis, UI design>
Jim White <scheduling, planning>

Those interested in applying for one of these positions should submit the
following information:

  - a resume or curriculum vitae, including relevant publications
  - reprints of at most three research papers
  - a description of relevant research experience, *if* the papers do
    not make that obvious
  - names and phone numbers or email addresses for three references
  - desired start date

Students and others expecting to be available for work within the next 6-9
months are encouraged to apply. U.S. citizenship or permanent residence is
required. Applications and requests for additional information should be
directed to:

John Beane
Honeywell Technology Center, MN 65-2200
3660 Technology Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Fax: 612-951-7438

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