Beginner help, please

Subject: Beginner help, please
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 16:37:27 MET DST

I am a newcomer to AI, although I have been doing numerical analysis
for over twenty years. I am asking for help getting started.

Has anyone anywhere applied AI (knowlege-based scheduling) techniques
to scheduling batch jobs for computers? I have recently been asked
to help out in this area.

We currently schedule our batch production jobs by hand in order to
maximize throughput by minimizing computational resource contention.
(We have a 16-processor Cray-C90 and an 8-processor Cray-YMP.)
Is there software available which can be used to help with this
problem? Are there any papers or books? What keywords would I use
to exclude machine-shop scheduling in my search? (Do I want to exclude
machine-shop scheduling?)

Thanks in advance for your attention.

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