RE: Review articles on job-shop scheduling

Subject: RE: Review articles on job-shop scheduling
From: Malcolm McIlhagga (
Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 11:30:23 MET DST

re: review papers in the field of job-shop scheduling.

here are a few papers that I picked up recently - mostly reviews/surveys of
scheduling practice in industry:

Brown D E, Martin J A and Scherer W T, 1995. A survey of Intelligent Scheduling Systems.
Intelligent Scheduling Systems Symposium, San Fancisco, CA, 1st November.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands.

C J Gavin and D Little, 1994. Application of C.A.S.E. within Manufacturing Industry.
Software Engineering Journal, July 1994, 9 (4), pp. 140-152. IEE Publications.

David N Halsall, Alan P Muhlaemann and David H R Price, 1994. A review of Production
Planning and Scheduling in Smaller manufacturing Companies in the UK. Production,
Planning and Control, 1994, 5 (5), pp. 485-493. Taylor & Francis Ltd.

David Little and Andrew Hemmings, 1994. Automated Assembly scheduling: A review.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems 1994, 7 (1), pp. 51-61.
Butterworth-Heinemannn Ltd.

Linet Ozdamar and Gunduz Ulusoy, 1995. A Survey on the Resource-Constrained
Scheduling problem. IIE Transactions, 1995, 27, pp. 574-586. IIE.

Spyros Tzafestas and Alekos Triantafyllakis, 1993. Deterministic Scheduling in Computing
and Manufacturing Systems: a Survey of Models and algorithms. Mathematics and
Computers in Simulation, 1993, 35 (5), pp. 397-434. Elsevier Science Publishers.

Suresh V, Chaudhuri D, 1993. Dynamic Scheduling - A survey of Research. International
Journal of Production Economics, 32 (1), pp. 53-63.

These were all found using BIDS.

Malcolm McIlhagga
Genetic Algorithms in Manufacturing Engineering Project
COGS, University of Sussex
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Subject: Review articles on job-shop scheduling

Dear group members,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the latest literature
and review papers in the field of job-shop scheduling.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

Kind regards,

Anant Singh Jain
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