Project openings for synthesizing schedulers

Subject: Project openings for synthesizing schedulers
From: Doug Smith (
Date: Wed Apr 17 1996 - 17:52:36 MET DST

Subject: Computer Science Positions at Kestrel (Palo Alto, CA, USA)

Job Opportunities at Kestrel Institute

Kestrel would like to hire suitable candidates to apply and extend
software synthesis technology in the following areas. Ideal
candidates would be able to cover several of these areas.

(1) Domain Modeling for Scheduling Applications
    & Synthesis of Scheduling Algorithms

   * Build theories of various scheduling domains
     (e.g. transportation, manufacturing, power plant maintenance)
   * Write formal specifications of scheduling systems
   * Synthesize code from the specifications using semi-automated
     algorithm design technology developed at Kestrel

   Previous experience with scheduling applications would be beneficial

(2) Software Synthesis and Automated Formal Methods

   We have projects that apply synthesis technology to various problem
   domains, in addition to scheduling:

   * software system design via formal descriptions of software architectures
   * parallel algorithm design
   * automated formal methods applied to database integration
   * automated formal methods applied to secure software


Minimum Qualifications

   * MS in Computer Science or equivalent

Additional Desirable Qualifications

   * interest in developing working applications for end-users

   * ability to work with applications of advanced mathematical concepts
     to software engineering

   * experience with automated theorem-proving systems

About Kestrel

We are a small research and development group specializing in applying
formal methods and knowledge-based systems to advance the
state-of-the-art in software development. Recent projects include:
development of tools for the design and automated synthesis of
component-based software using high-level, graphical specifications;
synthesis of extremely fast algorithms; improving software analysis
and testing using automated reasoning engines; on-the-fly software
visualization; the specification, synthesis, verification and
simulation of reactive systems; as well as others.

Our current work builds on concepts from mathematical logic and
automated theorem-proving, higher-order algebraic specifications,
category theory, and sheaf theory.

The Best of the Research and Commercial Worlds

Kestrel Institute is a not-for-profit research institution which is
funded primarily through government grants, and contracts with private
companies. In order to test the feasibility of our ideas, our
research is almost always implemented as working prototype systems.
Opportunities exist to get involved in technology transition,
including equity interest in startup companies.

For More Information


        Dr. Douglas Smith
        Kestrel Institute
        3260 Hillview Ave
        Palo Alto, CA 94304
        (415) 493-6871

Resumes may be submitted electronically (either plain text or
Postscript) or via the post office.

More information about Kestrel can be found at

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