* Workshop on Scheduling in Computer and Manufacturing Systems

Subject: * Workshop on Scheduling in Computer and Manufacturing Systems
Date: Mon Apr 01 1996 - 22:54:27 MET DST

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Workshop on Scheduling in Computer and Manufacturing Systems
ICoLe '96
Lessach, Austria
27 May 1996 - 31 May 1996

Official conference language: English

General Information:
    Martina Kratzsch
    Poznan University of Technology
    Institut of Computing Sciences
    ul. Piotrowo 3A
    60-965 Poznan
    fax: +48 - 61 - 771 525

EMail: Martina.Kratzsch@cs.put.poznan.pl


Prof. Klaus H. Ecker
     Tel.: +49-5323-72-3553
Institut f. Informatik
     Fax: +49-5323-72-3573
TU Clausthal
             email: ecker@informatik.tu-clausthal.de
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
March 01, 1996

Call for participation
        Workshop on Scheduling in Computer and Manufacturing Systems
                   May 27-31, 1996, Lessach, Austria
This workshop continues of a series of workshops being held
on Parallel Processing in Lessach, Austria in the last years.
This workshop series turned out to be very successful,
partly due to the limited number of participants and the
special atmosphere in Lessach. This year we continue this
series with a workshop devoted to the area of scheduling.
Topics presented at the workshop should be related to
scheduling theory and applications in computer or
manufacturing systems. Task Scheduling in general
(Algorithms, Complexity), including areas like Resource
Allocation, Communication, Real-Time Scheduling.
Applications from areas such as Flexible Manufacturing
(including Tool Management, Vehicle Routing, Resource
Balancing) are also welcome.
The number of participants is limited to 20, in order to
allow for some kind of private atmosphere. Lecturing time
(up to 90 minutes) is not as restricted as in usual
workshops or conferences. There is also the possibility to
discuss subjects of special interest in working groups.
If you are planning on presenting a talk we ask you to send
a ONE PAGE ABSTRACT together with the completed admission
form enclosed by March 31, 1996 to Martina Kratzsch, Poznan
University of Technology. You can also answer by sending an
e-mail to Martina.Kratzsch@CS.PUT.Poznan.PL. The program
committee will then decide on acceptance by April 22. If you
are interested in merely participating, please return the
enclosed form by April 30, 1996.
Due to the limited number of participants we give higher
priority to those who submit a lecture. If there are less
than 20 lecturers then the remaining places will be filled
by non-lecturers in a first-registered-first-accepted mode.
The workshop fee is DM 250, and includes accommodation,
workshop proceedings and extra costs. In addition we
calculate DM 100 for breakfast, evening drinks, and a
barbecue dinner.
Lessach is a small village located about 100 km SE of
Salzburg in a very nice valley surrounded by high rising
Day of arrival is Sun., May 26, departure is on Sat.,
June 1, 1996.
Klaus H. Ecker
Program Committee: J. Blazewicz (Poznan U. of Technology),
K. H. Ecker (TU Clausthal), D. Trystram (Institut National
Polytechnique - Grenoble), J. Weglarz (Poznan U. of
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Martina Kratzsch
Institute of Computing Science
Poznan University of Technology
Piotrowo 3a
PL-60-965 Poznan
fax: +48 - 61 - 771 525
[ ]
I am interested in participating in the Workshop on Task Scheduling
        (May 27-31, 1996, Lessach)
[ ]
I want to present a talk as described on the enclosed page
[ ]
I am interested in discussing the problem described on the enclosed page
        in a special working group
My address, phone, fax, email:

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