* CFP: CP96 Workshop on Constraint Programming Applications

Subject: * CFP: CP96 Workshop on Constraint Programming Applications
From: Jennifer Burg (burg@wfu.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 23:34:46 MET

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                             CALL FOR PAPERS
                     CP'96 POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP:
             Workshop on Constraint Programming Applications:
                        An Inventory and Taxonomy
    To be held in conjunction with the Second International Conference
       on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP96)

            Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, August 19-23, 1996

Constraint-based programming has now reached a level of maturity in its
development where a bit of inventory is in order. Practitioners claim
that constraint-based programming systems and constraint logic programming
(CLP) have proven useful in many real-world applications, and papers on
applications appear at every constraint conference. To assess the current
state of research into constraint programming and to set directions for
future work, we now need a systematic inventory and taxonomy of con-
straint programming applications. The purpose of this workshop is to take
a step in that direction by soliciting papers on interesting problems
solved by constraint technology, with an eye to characterizing them ac-
cording to their application domain, difficulty, amenability to optimiza-
tion in the implementation, special properties or other relevant criteria.
We are also interested in programming techniques and methodology as they
relate to specific applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following:

* constraint problems in specific application domains - e.g. planning and
scheduling, resource allocation, temporal reasoning, etc.
- and a characterization of the class of problems to which they belong

* puzzle and game problems

* comparisons of solutions to specific problems

* problems involving concurrency

* constraint problems which benefit from specific solver algorithms

* solver algorithms and heuristics

* constraint problems which benefit from intelligent backtracking

* constraint problems which benefit from parallelism

* constraint problems which benefit from abstract analysis

* dealing with computational complexity in constraint applications

Authors are invited to submit papers written in English and not exceeding
8 pages to the contact address listed below. We encourage authors to sub-
mit by electronic mail in self-contained Postscript or LaTeX/TeX format.
Alternatively four paper copies may be submitted. Submissions should con-
tain return mail and email addresses. We encourage prospective authors to
first send an expression of interest together with a paper title to the
organizers. The DEADLINE for submission of papers is May 20, 1996.
(Note: Authors submitting by electronic mail should contact the organizers
if they have not received an electronic acknowledgment within 2-3 days).

                           Organizing Committee

         Jennifer Burg, burg@mthcsc.wfu.edu
         Wake Forest University, U.S.A.
         Michel Leconte, leconte@ilog.ilog.fr
         ILOG, Gentilly Cedex, France
         Roland H.C. Yap, ryap@iscs.nus.sg
         National University of Singapore

          Intention to submit: May 1
          Submission deadline: May 20
          Notification of authors: June 21
          Camera-ready version: July 15
          Workshop date: Aug. 19

          Jennifer Burg
          Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
          Wake Forest University
          Winston-Salem, NC 27109, U.S.A.

          Email: burg@mthcsc.wfu.edu
          Phone: +1 (910) 759-4465
          Fax: +1 (910) 759-7190

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