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Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 07:34:14 MET


The Department of Industrial Engineering at Universidad de los Andes
(Bogota D.C - Colombia) is seeking for people who are interested to join
us as faculty. Specifically, the job is concerned with teaching graduate
or/and undergraduate courses, making applied research and doing consultancy.

The Department of Industrial Engineering invites applications for
positions in the following fields:
Manufacturing systems. Planning, analisys, design and control of
manufacturing methods, processes and systems, including consideration of
equipments, material handling, controls, services, human concerns, and
new technology (CAD/CAM, robotics, tool engineering and computer control).
Human factors and ergonomics. Topics such as: Analysis and design of
job requirements, work measurement, workplace arrangements, design of
facilities to enhance the operational use of equipment and facilities,
material handling devices and systems.
Production and Managment Systems Engineering: Analysis, design,
installation, control and maintenance of operational and human systems
involved in the production (using mathematical, computational, and other
analytical techniques).
Systems Theory Topics such as: Systems Dynamics, Soft Sytems Analysis,
General Systems Theory, Information Theory, Organizational Cybernetics,
Critical Sytems Thinking.
Enginnering economics and Decision analysis

Candidates should hold minimum a Ph.D degreee. Fluency in Spanish is not
required for applying, however, a satisfactory level of English is required.

The Universidad de los Andes (UNIANDES) is the leading private University
in Colombia. UNIANDES' Industrial Engineers are well-known in the country
for their strong knowledge in quantitative subjects and their leadership.
The entrance requirements for our career are very high. For that reason
only those high-school graduates ranking on the top 1% of the
ICFES-National Examination (similar to the SAT Exam in USA) are accepted.
Our Department has 25 faculty members.

Interested candidates should send a curriculum vitae (preferably via
e-mail) to Erika Castellanos. Another ways of contact are also encouraged.

Interested people should contact as soon as possible.

For any further information, please contact

Contacts: - Prof. Luis Pinzon
                        Chairman - Industrial Engineering Department

                        - Erika Castellanos
                   Graduate Assistant - Industrial Engineering Department

                - Prof. Fidel Torres
                        Professor- Industrial Engineering Department

Address: Departamento de Ingenieria Industrial
                      Universidad de los Andes
                      Cra 1 E # 18 A - 70
                      Bogota D.C., Colombia (South America)

Telephone: 571 - 2866201
Fax: 571 - 2841570

Jose Fidel Torres Delgado e-mail:
Professor URL:
Industrial Engineering Department Address: Cra 1 E # 18 A - 70 Of. W-409
Universidad de Los Andes Tel.: (571)2866201
                                   Fax.: (571)2866201
                                   Bogota D.C., Colombia (South America)

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