Job Opportunity at Carnegie Mellon University

Subject: Job Opportunity at Carnegie Mellon University
Date: Tue Mar 05 1996 - 01:27:00 MET

The Intelligent Coordination & Logistics Laboratory (ICLL) at Carnegie
Mellon University currently has one or more research programmer positions
available and is seeking interested individuals. Successful applicants
would participate in a research group engaged in the design and development
of an object-oriented framework for constructing application-specific
planning and scheduling systems. The approach taken adopts a general
constraint-based problem solving model, and places strong emphasis on
reactive and mixed-initiative decision-making capabilities. To be
considered, candidates must have prior programming experience in Commonlisp
and CLOS, as well as a UNIX background. Experience with C++, X and
interface building tools such as Motif and TK/TCL is also desirable.
Candidates should ideally have prior experience in team-oriented development
of large-scale software systems with AI and/or GUI components. Some
knowledge of planning, scheduling and constraint satisfaction/optimization
problems and solution techniques is required, and strong preference will be
given to individuals having direct system building experience in these
areas. Complementary relevant experience in human-computer interaction will
also be given preference. A MS in Computer Science or a related field (or
experiential equivalent) is required for senior programmer positions.

Interested individuals should send a resume or cv to:

Stephen F. Smith
Director, Intelligent Coord. & Logistics Lab
The Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

or via email to:

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