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Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 20:35:37 MET

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                            First Call for Papers

                Annual Conference of the European Association for
                            Computer Science Logic
                        8th Kurt Goedel Colloquium

                               CSL'03 & KGC

             25 August afternoon - 30 August 2003, Vienna, Austria

    Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European
    Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). The Kurt Goedel
    Colloquium (KGC) is the biennial conference of the Kurt Goedel
    Society (KGS). The joint conference is intended for computer scientists
    whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians
    working on issues significant for computer science. Suggested topics of
    interest include: automated deduction and interactive theorem proving;
    constructive mathematics and type theory; equational logic and term
    rewriting; fuzzy logic; modal and temporal logics; computational proof
    theory; linear logic; finite model theory; bounded arithmetic; logical
    aspects of computational complexity; higher order logic; logic
    programming and constraints; lambda and combinatory calculi; logical
    foundations of programming paradigms; model checking; specification,
    extraction and transformation of programs; categorical logic and
    topological semantics; game semantics; domain theory; database theory.

    A lecture, jointly invited by CSL'03 & KGC and ESSLLI (European Summer
    School in Logic Language and Information) will be given by
      Sergei Artemov (CUNY, USA)

    Additional invited lectures will be given by (tentative):
      Bruno Buchberger (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)
      Dov Gabbay (King's College London, England)
      Helmut Veith (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
      Nikolai Vorobjov (University of Bath, England)
      Andrei Voronkov (University of Manchester, England)

    The following tutorials are planned:
      Verification of infinite state systems
        (Ahmed Bouajjani, University of Paris 7, France)
      Computational epsilon calculus
        (Georg Moser, University of Muenster, Germany, and
         Richard Zach, University of Calgary, Canada)
      Quantifier elimination (Nikolai Vorobjov, University of Bath, England)
      Winning strategies and controller synthesis
        (Igor Walukiewicz, University of Bordeaux, France)

    The proceedings of the conference will be published in the Springer
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

    Submitted papers must describe work not previously published. They
    must not be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed
    proceedings. Research that is already submitted to a journal may be
    submitted to CSL, provided that
    (a) the PC chair is notified in advance that this is the case, and
    (b) it is not scheduled for journal publication before the conference.

    Submissions authored or coauthored by members of the Programme Committee
    are not allowed.

    Papers should preferably be submitted either in LNCS format or in 12pt A4
    format. Papers should not exceed 14 pages; full proofs may appear in a
    technical appendix which will be read at the reviewers' discretion. The
    title page must contain: title and authors; physical and e-mail
    addresses; identification of corresponding author, if not the first
    author; an abstract of no more than 200 words; a list of keywords.

    The key dates for the conference are:

       Submission: The submission process is in two stages, both with strict
                       31 March 2003 for the title and abstract, and
                        7 April 2003 for the full text.

       Notification: 2 June 2003

       Final copy due: 18 June 2003

    Prospective authors should check the conference Web page for any
    subsequent changes to these dates.

    Further information on all aspects of the conference will be found on the
    conference Web page:


    Programme Committee:
      Matthias Baaz (chair)
      Arnold Beckmann
      Lev Beklemishev
      Maarten de Rijke
      Chris Fermueller
      Didier Galmiche
      Harald Ganzinger
      Erich Graedel
      Petr Hajek
      Martin Hyland
      Reinhard Kahle
      Helene Kirchner
      Daniel Leivant
      Johann Makowsky (co-chair)
      Jerzy Marcinkowski
      Franco Montagna
      Robert Nieuwenhuis
      Michel Parigot
      Jeff Paris
      Helmut Schwichtenberg
      Jerzy Tiuryn

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