TODAY: G.Gottlob, Monadic Queries over Tree-Structured Data

From: Helmut Veith (
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 14:48:38 MET

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    Seminar talk announcement (for today!)

    When? Today, Dec. 18, 2002, 16:30

    Where? Seminarraum 184/2 Favoritenstrasse 11, 3. Stock
    TU Vienna

    Monadic Queries over Tree-Structured Data

    Georg Gottlob, TU Wien

    Monadic query languages over trees currently receive considerable interest
    in the database community, as the problem of selecting nodes from a tree
    is the most basic and widespread database query problem in the context of
    XML. Partly a survey of recent work done by the authors and their group on
    logical query languages for this problem and their expressiveness, this
    paper provides a number of new results related to the complexity of such
    languages over so-called axis relations (such as "child" or "descendant")
    which are motivated by their presence in the XPath standard or by their
    utility for data extraction (wrapping). Joint work with Christoph Koch.

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