Lecture Announcement: Jan Johannsen

From: kgs@logic.at
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 13:37:54 MET

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    Speaker: Jan Johannsen

    Titel: On the Complexity of Resolution Refinements

    Abstract: Resolution is the basis of logic programming languages,
    most automatic theorem provers and many SAT algorithms. Most of these
    applications do not actually use the full power of resolution, but
    only restricted forms, so called resolution refinements.

    The talk will present several recent results, showing that already in
    the case of propositional logic, some of the most important
    refinements, viz. negative, linear and regular resolution, are
    exponentially less efficient than full resolution.

    Time and Place:
    Tuesday, February 5, 16:30.
    Seminarraum SEM 185/2,
    Institut für Computersprachen E185.2
    Favoritenstr. 9, E185-2.
    Stiege 1, 3. Stock (4th floor), left.

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