CL99 Time Table

Subject: CL99 Time Table
From: Norbert Preining (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 16:57:31 MET

Time table for the CL99:

FRIDAY, November 19

        Session 1
        10.00-10.45 G. Takeuti
                        A first order bounded arithmetic for PSPACE
        10.45-11.00 Discussion and short break
        11.00-11.45 P. Pudlák
                        On the complexity of intuitionistic
                        propositional calculus
        11.45-12.15 Discussion and coffee break
        12.15-13.00 L. Beklemishev
                        Induction for decidable predicates and bounded
                        query computation
        13.30 Lunch

        Session 2
        15.00-15.45 S. Wainer
                        Accessible recursive functions
        15.45-16.15 Dicussion and coffee break
        16.15-17.00 C. Fermüller
                        Resolution beyond testing unsatisfiability
        17.00-17.15 Dicussion and short break
        17.15-18.00 A. Leitsch and G. Moser
                        Cut-elimination by resolution

SATURDAY, November 20

        Session 3
        9.00-9.45 S. Artemov
                        Proof realizability of intuitionistic and modal logic
        9.45-10.00 Dicussion and short break
        10.00-10.45 P. Wojtylak
                        Generalization of proofs
        10.45-11.15 Dicussion and coffee break
        11.15-12.00 V. Orevkov
                        Bounds on proof length and complexity of terms
                        in sxiomatic theories
        12.30 Lunch

        Session 4
        14.00-14.45 R. Zach
                        The Reach of finitism
        14.45-15.15 Dicussion and coffee break
        15.15-16.00 A. Weiermann
                        Fundamental sequences and subrecursive hierarchies
        19.30 An evening at a typical Viennese 'Heuriger'
                        Accompanying persons are also invited by the
                        Kurt Gödel Society.
                        Participants who want to go directly from Schloss
                        Wilhelminenberg are invited to meet at 19.00
                        in the hall.

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