Collegium Logicum 99: Proof Theory

Subject: Collegium Logicum 99: Proof Theory
From: Helmut Veith (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 17:47:16 MET

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                          Kurt Gödel Society

                 Collegium Logicum 1999: Proof Theory

                        November 19--20, 1999

                  University of Technology, Vienna

                         Second Announcement

The international workshop Collegium Logicum 1999: Proof Theory
will take place within the series of lectures Collegium Logicum
of the Kurt Gödel Society from Friday, November 19, to
Saturday, November 20, 1999, in Vienna, Austria at Schloss
Wilhelminenberg and the University of Technology.

The Collegium Logicum 1999: Proof Theory is intended as
a forum for the exchange of ideas and interaction between
researchers working in different areas of proof theory. The
workshop covers both foundational and computational aspects.

The following invited lectures will be delivered:

S. Artemov, Moskov
        Proof realizability of intuitionistic and modal logic

L. Beklemishev, Moskov
        Induction for decidable predicates and bounded query
C. Fermüller, Vienna
        Resolution Beyond Testing Unsatisfiability
A. Leitsch, Vienna, and G. Moser, Leeds
        Cut-elimination by Resolution
V. P. Orevkov, St. Petersburg
        Bounds on Proof Length and Complexity of Terms in Axiomatic
W. Pohlers, Münster
        Proof theoretical treatment of set theoretical reflection
P. Pudlak, Prague
        On the complexity of intuitionistic propositional calculus
G. Takeuti, Tsukuba
        A first order Bounded Arithmetic for PSPACE
S. S. Wainer, Leeds
        Accessible Recursive Functions
A. Weiermann, Münster
        Fundamental sequences and subrecursive hierarchies
P. Wojtylak, Kattowice
        Generalization of proofs
R. Zach, Berkeley
        The Reach of Finitism

For members of the Kurt Gödel Society, attendance at the workshop will
be free; for non-members a fee of ATS 400,-/ EURO 29,06 to cover
organizational expenses will be charged.

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