Change of date for Miki Hermann's lecture

Subject: Change of date for Miki Hermann's lecture
From: Helmut Veith (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 16:33:10 MET DST

The date of the following lecture has been changed to


Lecture Announcement

Miki Hermann
LORIA, Nancy

May 28, 17:00

On the Complexity of Counting the Hilbert Basis of a Linear Diophantine System


   We investigate the computational complexity of counting the Hilbert
   basis of a homogeneous system of linear Diophantine equations. We
   establish lower and upper bounds on the complexity of this problem
   by showing that counting the Hilbert basis is #P-hard and belongs
   to the class #NP. Moreover, we investigate the complexity of
   variants obtained by restricting the number of occurrences of the
   variables in the system.


Seminarraum SEM 181A, Institut fuer Informationssysteme,
Paniglgasse 16, 1. Stock, 1040 Wien.

Technische Universitaet Wien
Institut fuer Computersprachen E185.2
Resselgasse 3/1, A-1040 Wien

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