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Subject: General Assembly, LaTeX
From: Kurt Goedel Society (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 15:26:58 MET DST

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{\Large Invitation to General Assembly 1998}

The Executive Board of the Kurt G\"odel Society is pleased to invite the
members of the Society to its tenth regular General Assembly. It takes
place on Saturday, 10th October 1998 in
%%% stimmt das
the conference room
of the Technische Universit\"at Wien,\\
 Karlsplatz 13,\\
1040 Vienna,\\
%%% stimmt das
at {\tt 18:00}.

On the agenda are the following topics:

\item General greetings and determination of a quorum.
\item Report of the Executive Board.
   \item Report of the President.
   \item Report of the General Secretary.
   \item Report of the "Collegium Logicum" Chairman.
   \item Report of the Editors of the Collegium Logicum. Annals of the Kurt
        G\"odel Society.
% \item Report on the Fifth Kurt G\"odel Colloquium
% KGC'97.
\item Financial report of the Treasurer for 1997 and 1998 (provisional).
\item Discussion and passage of the 1999 budget proposed by the Treasurer.
\item Report of the Overseers.
\item Motion to approve the Executive Board.
\item Presentation of Candidates for election to the Executive Board and to
        the Board of Overseers.
\item Motions to be put to the Assembly:
   \item Election of Executive Board.
   \item Election of Overseers.
   \item Confirmation of the current level of dues.
\item Sundry motions.
\item Incidental topics.

Greetings to our members and welcome to the General Assembly!\\[1cm]

Georg Moser\\

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