CFP: Collegium Logicum 1998: Complexity

Subject: CFP: Collegium Logicum 1998: Complexity
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Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 15:57:22 MET DST


Collegium Logicum 1998: Complexity

Vienna University of Technology

October 9-10, 1998

The international workshop COLLEGIUM LOGICUM 1998: COMPLEXITY is intended as
a forum for the exchange of ideas and interaction between researchers working
in computational and logical complexity. The workshop covers different areas of
computer science, logic and mathematics including circuit complexity, structural
complexity, proof complexity, finite model theory, bounded arithmetic, and
complexity of information systems.

Invited talks by the following persons will be delivered:

     A. Beckmann, Münster
     H. Buhrman, Amsterdam
     A. Carbone, Paris
     P. Crescenzi, Florence
     T. Eiter, Giessen
     E. Grädel, Aachen
     M. Grohe, Freiburg
     J. Krajicek, Oxford
     A. Leitsch, Vienna
     A. Razborov, Moscow
     Z. Sadowski, Bialystok
     H. Veith, Vienna

Contributed Talks:
Participants are invited to present short contributed talks. Since there is
only a limited number of time slots for contributed talks, participants are
encouraged to contact the organizers before August 1, 1998 at

The workshop is part of the ongoing lecture series COLLEGIUM LOGICUM of
the Kurt Gödel Society. The scientific board of the workshop consists of
M. Baaz and G. Gottlob, present and former general secretaries of the
Kurt Gödel Society.

For members of the Kurt Gödel Society, attendance at the workshop is free;
for non-members, a fee of ATS 400,- covering organizational expenses of the
Kurt Gödel Society is requested.

Technische Universitaet Wien

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