Proc. vs. Book

Subject: Proc. vs. Book
From: Kurt Gödel Society (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 13:28:14 MET

Dear members of the Kurt G"odel Society,

we are glad to give you the possibility to obtain one of the following
two items for free:

*) Proceedings of the 5th Kurt G"odel Colloquium --- Computational
   Logic and Proof Theory, published by Springer-Verlag Wien.

*) Book "Kurt G"odel - Ein mathematischer Mythos" by Werner
   DePauli-Schimanovich and Peter Weibel together with a videotape
   produced by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF.

The Proceedings incorporate very interesting articles on a varied
range of topics in logic and computer science. The focus of the
Conference - "Computational Logic and Proof Theory" - has attracted
a lot of researchers tackling classical problems and finding new
methods for long known questions in the field. There were seven
invited lectures held by international renowned researchers
(Leo Bachmair, Wilfried Buchholz, Samuel R. Buss, Walter A. Carnielli
and P. R. S. Veloso, John A. Robinson, Tanel Tammet, Jerzy Tiuryn)
and twenty contributed lectures.

The book on Kurt G"odel deals with his life and work from a
popular view and describes the various connections with politics,
art and other sciences. If you choose the book you will get a
videotape on Kurt G"odel produced by the ORF as an additional
present. This is a production broadcasted by the ORF some time
ago and it is of artistic as well as informative merit. It should
be noted that both the book and the videotape are in german.

We ask you to reply as fast as possible, but not later than
end of january, with the following form either by email
to or by surface mail to

        Kurt G"odel Society
        c/o Technische Universit"at Wien
        Institut f"ur Computersprachen E185.2
        Resselgasse 3/1
        A-1040 Vienna

Enclosed you find this information in LaTeX format, on the
occassion that you want to print it. Moreover, this document is
available through our homepage



I wish to obtain the

  [ ] Proceedings of the 5th Kurt G"odel Colloquium
  [ ] Book "Kurt G"odel - Ein mathematischer Mythos" and the
      videotape accompanying this book.


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