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Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 14:26:35 MET

Dear Member,

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\begin{center}{\LARGE\bf NEWSLETTER}\\[1ex]
        {\large October 1997}\end{center}

\begin{section}{10th General Assembly}

The Executive Board as elected in the 1997 General Assembly held August
25, 1997 is as follows:
Petr Hajek & President\\\hline
Matthias Baaz & Vice President\\\hline
Georg Moser & Secretary \\\hline
Norbert Preining & Deputy Secretary\\\hline
Robert Matzinger & Treasurer\\\hline
Uwe Egly & Deputy Treasurer\\\hline
Hans-Dominik Schwabl & Archivist\\\hline
Helmut Veith & \hbox{\vtop{\hsize=6cm \baselineskip=13pt \noindent
Organizing Committee Chairman of the
lecture series \strut\emph{Collegium Logicum}}}\\\hline
Georg Gottlob & Member at Large\\\hline
Alexander Leitsch & Member at Large\\\hline
Daniele Mundice & Member at Large\\\hline

\begin{section}{Summary of the KGC'97 -- 5th Kurt G\"odel Colloquium}

A meeting in Computational Logic and Proof Theory was held in
Vienna during August 25-29, 1997
organized by the Kurt G\"odel
Society. The colloquium was intended for logicians and
computer scientists interested in the proof-theoretic and algorithmic
aspects of logic. The scientific program consisted of 7 invited lectures

and 18 contributed talks, which where selected from 38 submissions.
The proceedings volume are published by Springer-Verlag in
the \emph{Lecture Notes in Computer Science} series.
A huge variety of topics has been covered by the contributed talks.
To mention only a few areas that have been touched:
Automated Theorem Proving/Automated
Model Building, Linear Logic, Ordinal Numbers.
Moreover, the conference gave rise to fruitful talks between researchers

in the covered topics.

The financial support of
the Austrian Ministry of Science, the Vienna Convention Bureau,
the Vienna Tourism Department, and the CA, Creditanstalt-Bankverein
were gratefully acknowledged.

\begin{section}{Collegium Logicum}
We have chosen to change the organization of the the lecture series
\emph{Collegium Logicum}. In addition to frequent lectures the Kurt
G\"odel Society will hold specialized scientific workshops. These
workshops are understood to be held for at most three days. The topics
are chosen out of various special fields that have evolved out of
the basis of Kurt G\"odel's contributions to logic, mathematics
and physics.

The first workshop will be concerned with complexity theory and will
be held at the Institut f\"ur Informationssysteme E184.2, Paniglgasse
The exact time and date of the workshop is announced separately.


\begin{section}{New Media}

In an attempt to decrease the amount of surface mail and to cut down
costs we have since long
offered all information about the activities of the society per email on
the internet.
To our knowledge most of our members already have an email-address and
increasing number of members uses this media to communicate with us.

Thus, we would like to focus on email-communication in the future.
We will still be happy to deliver our information with paper mail to
who prefers this form of communication for any reason and returns the
enclosed paper mail request.

\noindent {\bf List server:} We maintain an automatic mailing list to
communicate announcements
and information related to the Kurt G\"odel Society. To participate,
send an email
message to
containing just the following line in the \emph{message body}:
 \texttt{SUB KGS \emph{Name}}
where you replace \emph{Name} by your real name.

\noindent {\bf Homepage:} Please see our WWW-Page offering all available
information about the
Kurt G\"odel Society, links to other home-pages in logic,
links to personal home-pages of people in the field,
all lectures on logic in Vienna, especially the course scheme for a
degree in
computational logic:
Additionally the home-page includes an electronic application form.


\begin{section}{Payment Information}

The Kurt G\"odel Society can accept Mastercard, EuroCard, and Visa
credit cards for all types of payment.
When paying by credit card, please remember to provide your card number
and expiration date,
as well as your name, address and signature.

As this convenient method of payment is available, we ask you to refrain
from sending
foreign currency in the future, including personal cheques.
Payment by Eurocheque is still possible.
Remember to put down ``Wien'' as the place of issue, this will save
our bank charges. Please send all payment to
c/o Technische Universit\"at Wien \\
Institut f\"ur Computersprachen E185.2 \\
Resselgasse 3/1 \\
A-1040 Vienna \\
or directly to our account:
Kurt-G\"odel-Gesellschaft \\
account nr. 686 168 204 \\
Bank Austria BLZ 20151.
Please make sure that your payment carries your name and the years for
which you intend to pay membership.
We have frequently received payment without such information,
and it required a significant effort to trace the payer.
Please keep in mind that we are required by law to do detailed

Please remark that we have changed our account. The old account
will be closed within one year.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and ask for your

\begin{center}MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR\end{center}



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