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(AMTA 2000)
Montego Bay, Jamaica, December 20-22, 2000.

DEADLINE for paper submission: APRIL 15, 2000
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: MAY 15, 2000

ORGANIZER: WSES (World Scientific and Engineering Society)
SPONSOR: WSES (World Scientific and Engineering Society)


Mathematical Models in Acoustics
Boundary Value Problems
Environmental Acoustics
Architectural Acoustics
Acoustics Measurements
Sound Insulation
Noise Control Engineering
Active Control of Sound
Prediction Methods
Acoustics of Fluids
Underwater Acoustics
Speech Processing
Language Technology
Biological Effects of Sound
Other relevant topics and applications.

Mathematical Models in Music
Computers in Music Synthesis
Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms in Music
Modeling of Music in European and non-European Scales
Mathematics of Greek (i.e. Byzantine) Music
Mathematics of Oriental Music and, in general, of non-european music
Pattern Recognition in Music
Automatic Music Composition
Biological Effects of Music
Electronic Musical Instruments
Mathematical Analysis of Musical Instruments
Music and Psychology
Music and Religion
History of Music
Music and Civilization
Other relevant topics and applications.


Publish your paper 1) in the Proceedings and 2) in WSES-Press International
Luxurious Editions
ALL THE ACCEPTED PAPERS will be published twice (two different publications)
1)in the CD-ROM Proceedings (with Search Facilities and Page Numbering)
as well as
2)in the Electrical and Computer Engineering International Reference Book
Series of WSES PRESS as Post-Conference Books (Hard cover, velvet paper,
international circulation).
These will be different International Editions (with different ISBN).
Also SPECIAL ISSUES of selected papers will appear in Computational
Acoustics, Applied Acoustics and Informatics journals.


Special Arrangements for AMTA 2000 participants have been made (discount
rates) with the Wexford Modego Bay Hotel where the conference will take
place. For AMTA 2000 discount rates, please, contact

Gloucester Avenue
Montego Bay, JAMAICA


Send your paper or papers via email to: (Only electronic
submissions are accepted. Don't submit via regular mail, please).
Send also your proposals for tutorials, invited sessions, workshops to:
Format of your paper: The format is the same of the WSES Sponsored
conferences CSCC 2000 or MCP 2000 or MCME 2000 (take the sample from WSES
main web page following appropriate links).


The review of the papers will be coordinated by the members of WSES
Scientific Committeess of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and
Mathematics as well as by some external collaborators.
Those wish to participate in International Scientific Committee must send a
request by email to: including a short CV and a list of
publications or a link to their web page with their CV and publications.


Regarding your submission, registration, travel, etc, please, feel free to
contact us:


The relevant arrangemnts for the social part have already been made with
travel agencies (Welcome Coctail, Official Dinner, Coffee-Breaks,
Excursions, etc). Details are available upon request.


If you're flying into Jamaica you will most likely land at Donald Sangster
International Airport in Montego Bay. December is the best month for you to
visit Jamaica and in particular Montego Bay. Lying on the north west coast,
Montego Bay is a bubbling center of activity. "Mobay", as it is referred to
in Jamaica, receives the brunt of visitor arrivals. Not only do most
airborne visitors disembark here, but many cruise ships make this their port
of call. Mobay is also a fun place to relax and enjoy the sights. There is a
lot to do though most resorts will cater to your every need. There are
several craft markets and duty free stores abound. Bring in a return plane
ticket and you can purchase tax free items such as liquors, perfumes, and
jewelry. There is plenty to eat in Mobay. Authentic Jamaican cooking and
some American mainstays like hamburgers. Breakfast here is terrific.
Margaritaville is a party waiting to happen fit with a slide into water
though once it ran out of margaritas. Many hotels offer boat rides in the
bay. Private companies also have party yachts on which to cruise away your
worries. A nighttime cruise through the bay is very pretty as the mountains
rise up over the city and tiny points of light mark Jamaican homes. Mobay is
a good point of operations to use if you wish only to explore the nearby
area. Just east of town Rose Hall Great House and Greenwood Great House. To
the south is Barnett Estate, you've never seen so much sugar cane. A great
attraction to Mobay is the annual Sumfest music festival. Sumfest is a
relatively new reggae celebration that is slowly replacing the traditional
Sunsplash of years past. There are several very nice resorts in Mobay. One
is the Rose Hall Wyndem. Located outside of town near the great house of its
name, the Wyndem is blessedly removed from the all night parties in town. It
is fairly luxurious with its own beach and golf course. Half Moon takes
luxury up to the next level. Golfing and horse back riding is available.

The Capital of Jamaica is Kingston. It's the capital of reggae and home to
the Bob Marley Museum, the National Dance Theatre Company and the University
of the West Indies. Museums are also a way of life in Jamaica and we can
visit the Arawak Museum, which exhibits the food, tools, religious artifacts
and carvings of the indigenous inhabitants of Jamaica, the Arawak Indians.
The historic old cities of Jamaica must not be missed. Port Royal was once
known as the wickedest city in the world, with its inhabitants consisting
mainly of Pirates and Buccaneers. In 1907 half the city was sunk underwater
by a vicious earthquake, testament that the eyes of God were watching.
Spanish Town, the former capital of Jamaica, showcases the rich architecture
of the period when Spaniards ruled this country.


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