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== Conference announcement - updated information ====
== KES'2000 =========================================

Fourth International Conference on
Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems
& Allied Technologies
30th & 31st August, 1st September 2000
University of Brighton, Sussex, U.K

Note changed web site address:-

== Call for Papers ==

The fourth KES conference provides an international forum
for the presentation of recent original work on
intelligent systems design, the applications
of intelligent techniques to industrial problems, and
the allied technologies which are necessary to support
intelligent systems, or work in synergy with them. The
conference will consist of plenary sessions, invited
sessions, poster presentations and tutorials. Papers
are solicited describing original work or practical
experiences in areas which relate to the following topics:-

-- Generic Intelligent Techniques --
Artificial neural networks, Machine learning, Knowledge-based
& expert Systems, Case-based reasoning, Fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy
techniques, Genetic algorithms and artificial life,
Intelligent agents;

-- Applications of Intelligent Systems --
Engine control & vehicle Applications, High voltage systems,
Condition monitoring, Fault diagnosis, Industrial control,
Medical & diagnostic systems, Image processing, machine &
computer vision, Financial & stock market monitoring and
prediction, Speech processing and synthesis, Natural language
processing, Environmental monitoring, Power electronics & drives;

-- Allied Technologies --
Communications, digital and computer communications,
Signal processing & wavelets, Virtual reality, Multi-media
and web-based technologies, Human-computer interfaces,
E-commerce etc., Software techniques, Simulation.



World experts have already agreed to inform us with their
insight during keynote addresses on topics such as:-
- Computing with words,
- Towards dynamic knowledge interaction, and
- Intelligent condition monitoring for fault diagnosis.

Prominent researchers have agreed to chair special sessions
on a wide range of topics of interest, for example:-
- Knowledge-based intelligent signal processing,
- Natural language processing,
- Intelligent techniques for internet resources,
- Fusion of knowledge-based and intelligent systems,
- Intelligent engine and motor-vehicle techniques,
- Fuzzy systems,
- Quality control by artificial vision,
- Intelligent condition monitoring,
- Socialware: awareness support systems,
- Intelligent techniques in multi-media and the WWW,
- Learning by analogy: a connectionist approach,
- Neural networks in medicine,
and many more exciting topics.

Tutorials will be given by knowledgeable presenters.
Topics include, for example :-
- Classifier fusion
- Machine vision
- Radial basis function neural networks

We welcome proposals for additional Special Sessions or Tutorials
focusing on current or emerging electronic technologies.



Please see the KES2000 web site for the format of papers
and other submission details. To ensure high quality,
members of the Conference Committee will review all papers.
All oral and poster papers must be presented by one of
the authors, who must pay fees. The conference proceedings
will be published by the IEEE.



Manufacturers of hardware and software, publishers, etc., are
invited to apply to exhibit their products to the international
audience that will attend the conference.



Proposals for invited sessions and tutorials: 17 January 2000
Applications for exhibition of products: 17 January 2000
Receipt of papers: 1 March 2000
Notification of acceptance:1 May 2000
Receipt of modified papers: 1 June 2000
All presenting authors must register with payment by the 1 June
2000 deadline for their papers to appear in the proceedings.



The conference fee has not been fixed yet, but we aim to keep fees
low to enable the maximum number of people to participate, and at the
same time provide a pleasureable conference with value for money.

Low cost accommodation will be provided in new student study-rooms, or there are many hotels in the lively sea-side town of Brighton. Brighton is famed for its historical links, its night-life and shopping.

In addition to the conference dinner, there will be an optional programme
of trips for accompanying persons, for example to Buckingham Palace, home of
the Queen and Royal Family, to Arundel Castle which has history dating over hundreds of years, Brighton Laines famous for its shops, and the Body Shop which
has its headquarters in Sussex.



Correspondence Address: KES2000 Secretariat,
Engineering Research Centre, School of Engineering,
University of Brighton, Moulsecoomb,
Brighton, BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom.
Telephone: +44 1273 642501 Fax: +44 1273 643976

KES2000 Web site :

Send us your details if you wish to be added to the
KES2000 mail list.


Please note: all details given here are provided in good faith,
however they are provisional and subject to change without notice.


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