FLINS2000 CFP: abstract submission deadline extended: January 15,

Ruan Da (druan@sckcen.be)
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:31:30 +0100 (MET)

Second Call for Papers FLINS2000 ( http://www.sckcen.be/flins2000
<http://www.sckcen.be/flins2000> )

Fourth International FLINS Conference on Intelligent Techniques and Soft
Computing in Nuclear Science and Engineering
August 28-30, 2000, Bruges, Belgium ( http://www.brugge.be/
<http://www.brugge.be/> )
Important dates
Abstract submission deadline extended: January 15, 2000
Notification of acceptance: February 15, 2000
Final manuscript deadline: April 15, 2000

Organized by The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK*CEN) (
http://www.sckcen.be <http://www.sckcen.be> )

FLINS, an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear
Science, is a recent established international research forum aiming to
advance the theory and applications of intelligent techniques and soft
computing in nuclear science and engineering.
Following FLINS'94, FLINS'96 and FLINS'98, the first, second and third
international conferences on this topic, FLINS2000 aims at bringing together
scientists and researchers and at introducing the principles of intelligent
techniques and soft computing such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic
algorithms, knowledge.based expert systems and complex problem.solving
techniques within nuclear industry and related research fields.
FLINS2000 offers a unique international forum to present and discuss
techniques that are new and useful for nuclear science and engineering.

Contributions describing original work, research projects, and
state.of.the.art reviews are solicited on the following (nonrestrictive)
list of topics to be covered at

fuzzy logic,
neural networks,
genetic algorithms,
learning techniques,
man.machine interface,
decision.support techniques,
control theory,
rough set theory,
evidence theory,
belief theory,
functional modeling,
with applications in nuclear science and engineering, and related research
fields, such as:

nuclear reactor control,
nuclear energy and environmental protection,
safety assessment,
human reliability,
production processes in the fuel cycle,
waste and disposal,
power systems control,
load forecasting,
risk analysis.

Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract containing the paper
title, the authors' names and affiliations, complete address (including
e-mail, fax, and phone) of the corresponding author(s), five keywords and
the abstract (200-250 words), before January 15, 2000 by mail, fax, or
e-mail to the FLINS2000 Chairman (see below).
The organizers intend to have the conference proceedings available to the
delegates (all accepted papers reviewed by the scientific committee of
FLINS2000 will be published as a book by World Scientific Publishers).
The selected papers from the proceedings of FLINS2000 will be further
published as the special issues of FLINS2000 in International Journals
(Information Sciences, Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence, and
other possible journals to be confirmed later on).
Correspondance and information

Dr. Da Ruan
FLINS2000 Chairman
Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCKˇCEN)
Boeretang 200, B - 2400 Mol, Belgium
Tel. +32 14 33 22 72
Fax +32 14 32 15 29
E-mail: druan@sckcen.be

Conference Fee
Early registration (before April 15, 2000) BEF 15 000
Late registration (after April 15, 2000) BEF 18 000
Students/invited session chair
(Confirmation letter of professor and student ID card are required)
Early registration (before April 15, 2000) BEF 12 000
Late registration (after April 15, 2000) BEF 15 000
All fees mentioned are inclusive 21 % VAT.
Registration fee includes (for everyone):

All conference sessions
A copy of the final program and the proceedings (book form by World
Coffeebreaks with refreshments
Welcome drink
3-day lunches
Conference dinner
(1US $ is approximately 35 BEF)

International Scientific Advisory Committee
Honorary Chairman
L.A. Zadeh (University of California at Berkely, USA)
H.-J. Zimmerman (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Members (tentative)
Z. Bien (Korea), D. Dubois (France), A. Fattah (Austria), P.F. Fantoni
(Norway), P. Govaerts (Belgium), R. Hampel (Germany), C. Huang (China), J.
Kacprzyk (Poland), N. Kasabov (New Zealand), E.E. Kerre (Belgium), G.J. Klir
(USA), M.M. Gupta (Canada), J. Montero (Spain), B.S. Moon (Korea), Y.
Nishiwaki (Austria), T. Onisawa (Japan), H. Prade (France), G. Resconi
(Italy), H. Takagi (Japan), A. Tocatlidou (Greece), A.J. van der Wal (The
Netherlands), P. P. Wang (USA), R.R. Yager (USA), A. Zardecki (USA), X.
Zeng(France), J. Zhang (Germany), C. Zhou (Singapore)

Organizing Committee
Honorary Chairman
E.E. Kerre (Ghent University, Belgium)
SCKˇCEN Advisors
P. D'hondt, H. Aīt Abderrahim
D. Ruan
G. de Cooman, J. De Geeter, S. Lenaerts, C. Poortmans, G. Van den Eynde, M.

Da Ruan, PhD
Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK*CEN)
Boeretang 200
2400 Mol
tel.: +(32-14) 332272
fax: +(32-14) 321529
e-mail: druan@sckcen.be <mailto:druan@sckcen.be>

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