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International Symposium on Computational Intelligence

ISCI - 2000

Kosice - Slovakia

August 30 - September 1, 2000


Web pages worldwide:


Symposium is organized by:

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Faculty of Civil Engineering
Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Symposium is supported by:

International Neural Network Society
Asian Pacific Neural Network Assembly
European Neural Network Society
Nuclear Power Plants Research Institute, Inc., Trnava, Slovakia

Honorary chairpersons:

Gail Carpenter - USA
Lotfi Zadeh - USA
David Goldberg - USA

General chairmen:

V. Kvasnicka - Slovakia
R. Mesiar - Slovakia
P. Sincak - Slovakia

Program Committee:

B. Kosko - USA
J. Zurada - USA
H. Adeli - USA
E. Merenyi - USA
B. Igelnik - USA
Z. Michalewicz - USA
R. Yager - USA
M. Pelikan - USA
N. Kopco - USA
C. Moraga - Germany
B. Reusch - Germany
T. Beck - Germany
D. Nauck - Germany
H. Takagi - Japan
K. Hirota - Japan
K. Fukushima - Japan
N. Kasabov - New Zeland
D. Floreano - Switzerland
J. Godjevac - Switzerland
V. Babovic - Denmark
M. O. Odetayo - UK
L. Smith - Scotland, UK
B. Krose - Netherlands
A. Sperduti - Italy
T. Gedeon - Australia
V. Kurkova - Czech Republic
J. Tvrdik - Czech Republic
P. Osmera - Czech Republic
J. Lazansky - Czech Republic
P. Hajek - Czech Republic
M. Mares - Czech Republic
M. Navara - Czech Republic
M. Novak - Czech Republic
I. Taufer - Czech Republic
L. Rutkowski - Poland
J. Kacprzyk - Poland
R. Tadeusiewicz - Poland
L. Trysbus - Poland
M. Gams - Slovenia
L. Koczy - Hungary
A. Varkonyi - Koczy - Hungary
I. Ajtonyi - Hungary
I. Rudas - Hungary
J. Dombi - Hungary
M. Jelasity - Hungary
L. Godo - Spain
F. Esteva - Spain
E. Kerre - Belgium
B. Bouchon-Meunier - France
G. Raidl - Austria
A. Uhl - Austria
E. P. Klement - Austria
E. Pap - Yugoslavia

Slovak Program Committee members:

M. Kolcun, M. Hrehus, P. Tino,
A. Cizmar, L. Benuskova, V. Pirc
S. Figedy, L. Michaeli, I. Mokris, V. Olej,
J. Pospichal, B. Riecan, P. Vojtas,
G. Andrejkova, I. Farkas, J. Csonto,
J. Chmurny, J. Sarnovsky, S. Kozak,
L. Madarasz, D. Durackova,
D. Krokavec, A. Kolesarova,
J. Kelemen, R. Blasko.

Scope of the Symposium:

This symposium will be looking for answers concerning the
following questions:

* What is the state of the art in Computational Intelligence?
* What are the potential applications of Computational Intelligence
for real-world problems?
* What are the future trends in Computational Intelligence?

Researchers from all over the world are welcome on this symposium,
which will have the following goals:

1. Integration of scientific communities working with fuzzy
systems, neural networks and evolutionary computation approaches.

2. Strengthening of links between theory and real-world
applications of CI and Soft Computing.

3. Promotion of Computational Intelligence in Central Europe with
emphasis on commercial presentation of CI-oriented companies.

4. Support of new technologies that improve quality of life and
will lead to a user-friendly information society of the 21st

5. An opportunity for young researchers to learn and present new
results from the CI domain and to integrate into the interna-
tional research community.

The symposium will cover the following topics:

Neural Networks
Fuzzy Systems
Evolutionary Computation
Neuro-Fuzzy & Fuzzy-Neuro Systems
Neuro-Fuzzy Hybrid Systems
Artificial Life
Application of Computational Intelligence tools in various
real-world applications
Presentations of CI oriented companies and their products

Presentations of Companies:

One of the goals of the symposium is to offer a possibility for
industrial companies to present their CI-based products and
services aimed at various kinds of customers, including banking
industry, control engineering, speech and voice recognition,
prediction and pattern recognition techniques, medicine and many
other application areas. Companies will have a chance to present
their products in oral presentation and also in permanent display
of the products in the Symposium building. Space of up to 9
square meters per company will be available for the display


The city of Kosice is located in the eastern part of Slovakia. The
first signs of inhabitance can be traced back to the end of the
Older Stone Age. The first written mention of the suburb is dated
back to the year 1230. The city was granted royal privileges that
were helpful in development of crafts, businesses, and
production. The oldest guild regulations were registered from the
year 1307 and the city received its own coat of arms - the oldest
coat of arms out of all the cities in Europe - in 1369. In 1657,
due to the economical, administrative and political importance of
the city, the first university was established; later the
university was converted into a royal university. Kosice is an
important cultural, industrial, and educational center in Slovakia
and Central Europe with more than 20,000 students. It has 250,000
inhabitants and the historical center is one of the best-renovated
centers in central Europe. You may wish to visit Kosice virtually

A post-meeting trip will be organized to the High Tatras. This
mountain region is an area whose natural beauty makes it one of
the most remarkable recreation areas not only in Slovakia, but
also in the rest of Europe. A complete spectrum of hotels and
restaurants await guests whether they come looking for the beauty
of the outdoors or for simple relaxation. The High Tatras environ-
ment also provides a special variety of sports and recreation
facilities. More information can be found at


Important Dates:

Extended Abstract (max.4 pages)
Submission Deadline :

February 21, 2000

* Notification of authors:

March 20, 2000

* Camera-ready:

May 15, 2000

* Symposium date:

August 30 - Spetember 1, 2000


Proceedings from this symposium will be published in the Springer-
Verlag's "Studies in CI" series (edited by Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk)

Symposium fees:
--------------- Before May 1 After May 1

University rate : 280 USD 360 USD
Student's rate : 100 USD 150 USD
Industrial rate: 400 USD 450 USD

Univ Exhibition space (4 sq. meters) 380 USD 450 USD
Industr. Exhibition stand
(8 sq. meters) 680 USD 880 USD

Symposium packages :
Univ. Exhibition space (4 sq. meters)
+ ISCI fee (one person) = 590 USD 680 USD

Industrial Exhibition stand (8 sq. meters)
+ ISCI fee (one person) = 910 USD 1100 USD


Special Fellowship program is available for Slovak and Czech
participants from the academia. For detailed information please
contact the Symposium secretariat.

All additional information including the format for electronic
submission is available on the Symposium Web pages.

Mailing address of the symposium secretariat:

Dr. J. Vascak
Computational Intelligence Group
KKUI-FEI, TU Kosice,
Letna 9,
042 00 Kosice, Slovakia

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