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Subject: AIT99 Call for papers
************ Advanced Investment Technologies 1999 **************
International Conference on Advanced Investment Technology applied to
December 19, 20 and 21, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

This conference
aims to bring together academics and practioners in the finance and
investment industry who are interested in applying advanced information
technology to finance problems. It intends to foster better relationships
between academia and the finance industry and to share ideas on some of
the latest technology in areas such as soft computing, computational
finance, and web-based technology. We invite all researchers and
practitioners interested in all aspects of technology applications to
finance, including but not limited to areas such as social, legal and
economic implications of advanced technology, e-commerce applications to
the finance industry, financial trading systems, investment technology
tools, financial time series forecasting methods, and quantitative
analysis methods. & Travel Bond University has its own Conference Centre
with good accommodation facilities of one hundred standard and executive
rooms. There is also a large number of choices for accommodation on the
Gold Coast ranging from luxury hotels such as Jupiter’s Casino/Conrad
Hotel, Marriott, Sheraton Mirage and Grand Mercure to backpackers’
accommodation. QANTAS& ticketing conditions. Please quote Association
Profile Number: "", destination and date of conference when making your
reservation. The Qantas Association Sales contact number for Australian
delegates is Toll Free 1800 684 880 * International delegates can contact
their local Qantas office for the best available fare of the day* Our Web
Site Prospective Conference Participants and Delegates are invited to visit
our website at the following URL: or

On-line registration is available on the web. Sponsors

Major Sponsor: Bond University's School of Information Technology Other
AIT99 sponsors and/or supporters include:
Gold Coast Regional Information Technology Forum (GCRITF),
the Gold Coast City Council,
the Securities Institute of Australia (SIA),
the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF),
the Australia and New Zealand Industrial Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM),
Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA),
TechQuad, and On The Net, etc.
See web site for full list. ""
Incorporating Workshops on "" Announcement and Call for Papers Date: Sun
19 December 1999 – Tue 21 December 1999 Venue: The Conference Centre
Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland 4229 Australia Extended Abstract
of Paper Deadline: July 31, 1999

Organisers: Honorary Chair: Prof. Gopal
Gupta Conference Chairs: Dr. Clarence Tan Dr. Kuldeep Kumar
Conference Secretary
Dr. Elliot Tonkes
Conference Advisors
Dr. Jeff Barker
Financial Director Dr. Stephen Sugden Dr. Violet Torbey Dr. Daniela
Corporate Relations Director
Mr. Geoff Marsh
Conference Coordinator Mr.Sun Zhaohao
Accommodation Coordinator Ms Herlina Dihardjo

Invitation Bond University would like to invite
all researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of technology
applications to finance to attend the Advanced Investment Technology 1999
Conference (AIT99). Objectives AIT99 aims to bring together academics and
professionals in the finance and investment industry who are interested in
applications of advanced information technology to finance problems. It
intends to foster better relationships between academia and the finance
industry on topics such as soft computing and web-based technology in the
investment industry. A one-day workshop is planned for the day prior to the
conference to cover a range of practical issues concerning use of
information technology in financial environments including applications of
advanced technology such as Artificial Neural Networks, Chaos Theory and
Forecasting to financial analysis and investment. Structure: The
conference is organised into two principal sessions: A series of workshops
on 19th December 1999 and a conference program consisting of keynote
speakers and presentations by the delegates/participants on 20th and 21st
December 1999. There are plans to have a public exhibition area for
members of the industry to display their products in conjunction with the
conference. Please contact organisers for exhibition details. Conference
. Forecasting, Multivariate Analysis, Hybrid Intelligent Systems,
Intelligent Agents, Chaos Theory, Data Mining, Online Gambling, Gaming
Strategies and Trading Systems.
Invited Keynote Speakers
. Dr Jeffrey Carmichael, Ph.D. (Princeton), AO,
Chairman of the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) and
Member of the 1997 Australian Wallis Financial Inquiry Commission.
. Prof. Efraim Turban, Ph.D. (Berkeley),
Author of over 100 publications in the areas of Information Systems,
Electronic Commerce and Neural Networks in Finance and Investment.
International Review Committee:
Prof.Efraim Turban (USA/HK) Dr. Jeff Carmichael (Aus)
Prof. Ah Chung Tsoi (Aus) Emeritus Prof. Peter Poole (Aus)
Prof. John D. Haynes (NZ) Prof. M. L. Tiku (Canada)

Prof. R. Velu (USA) Prof. Kevin Burrage (Aus)
Prof. V K Srivastava (India) Prof.Neville De Mestre (Aus)
Prof. Berlin Wu (Taiwan) Prof. Nikola Kasabov (NZ)

Prof. Stan Hurn (Aus) Dr. Vance Martin (Aus)
Dr. Graham McMahon (Aus) Dr. A Flitman (Aus)
Dr. Mark Chignell (Can) Dr. Gavin Finnie (Aus)
Dr. A. N. Roy (USA) Dr. Jeff Barker (Aus)
Dr. Zheng Da Wu (Aus) Dr. S. Ganesalingam (NZ)
Dr. Stephen Sugden (Aus) Dr. S. Alvandi (Singapore)
Dr. Gerhard Wittig (Aus) Dr. James Liu (HK)
Dr W. K. Yeap (NZ) Dr. Steven Lawrence (USA) Registration Fees
Individual: Full day A$600 or A$150 each Industry representative: Full day
A$1200 Conference (2 full days): Before Oct 31 After Oct 31 Students:
A$150 A$150 Academic: A$300 A$400 Industry representative A$600 A$750
Exchange Rate Indication: US$1.00 = A$1.55 The registration fee includes
lunches and refreshments for each day of the conference and workshops.
(All SIA, AIBF, ATAA, GCRITF and ANZIAM members are entitled to a 10%
discount on conference and workshop fees, subject to availability). Group
bookings and sponsors are entitled to discounts. Contact organizers for
details. Workshops (very limited places, register early to ensure place)
Workshop 1: Financial Forecasting Techniques (Kumar) Workshop 2: Basic
Financial Trading System Design Using Excel (Tan) Workshop 3: Applications
of E-commerce in Finance I (Prof. Efraim Turban) Workshop 4: Applications
of E-commerce in Finance II (Prof. Efraim Turban) Workshop 5: Artificial
Neural Networks (Tsoi) Workshop 6: Applying Chaos Theory to Finance (Kumar,
Tan and Ghosh) Registration To register please complete the registration
form and mail it with the payment to: AIT 99 Ms Herlina Dihardjo School of
Information Technology Bond University, QLD 4229 Australia Telephone: +61
(0) 7 5595-3392 Fax: +61 (0) 7 5595-3320 *Do not dial (0) from outside
Australia E-mail: Submission of Papers To submit a paper
to the AIT99 conference, please send an extended abstract to the above
address no later than 31st July 1999. If accepted, two copies of final
paper should be submitted before November 1 1999. The preferred format is
Microsoft Word. Student papers are invited and encouraged. The Securities
Institute of Australia is proud to sponsor the Best Student Paper Prize.
Ranadhir Ghosh
Tel: +61 7 55953301 Fax:+617 55953320
Tel: +61 7 55931140

Mr. Zhaohao Sun
School of Information Technology
Bond University
Gold Coast 4229
Tel.+61-7-559-53394 (B/o)

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