GECCO '99 Call for late-breaking papers

Frank Hoffmann (
Mon, 31 May 1999 18:26:24 +0200 (MET DST)

Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)

There are less than 2 weeks remaining (deadline, JUNE 10, 1999)
to submit a late-breaking paper to GECCO-99, the
1999 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference,
to be held 13-17 July 1999 at the Omni Rosen Hotel
in Orlando, Florida USA. See the details in the call for
late-breaking papers below.

Also, there are only a few weeks left to get reduced-price registration
at the conference. Registrants can save between $30 and $40 by registering
before JUNE 15, 1999. See the web site
for registration forms and further details.

Conference registration includes a 2-volume conference proceedings,
a late-breaking papers proceedings, 25 free tutorials and handouts
for ALL tutorials, 15 free bird-of-feather workshops and handouts for
ALL workshops, fully refereed plenary and parallel sessions in seven
topic areas, a large poster and late-breaking paper session, 3 invited
speakers, a 70th birthday party celebration for John H. Holland, a
free one-year subscription to a new journal, and much more.

On behalf of the organizers of GECCO-99, I hope to see you
in Orlando for what promises to be a special event in the field
of genetic and evolutionary computation (GEC).

David E. Goldberg
GECCO-99 General Chair



for the

1999 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

July 13 - 17 (Tuesday - Saturday), 1999
Omni Rosen Hotel, Orlando, Florida USA

Deadline: Thursday, June 10, 1999


The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-99) is
seeking papers describing late-breaking developments in the field of
genetic and evolutionary computation for inclusion in a special
paperbound book to be distributed to all attendees of the GECCO-99
conference to be held on July 13 - 17 (Tuesday - Saturday), 1999 at
the Omni Rosen Hotel, Orlando, Florida. This special book is distinct
from the conference proceedings. The purpose of late-breaking papers
is to provide conference attendees with information about research
that was initiated, enhanced, improved, or completed after the
original paper submission deadline in January 1999.

Late-breaking papers will be presented during a poster session held
during the GECCO-99 conference. The poster session is tentatively
scheduled for Thursday evening, July 15, 199.

Late-breaking papers will be briefly examined for relevance and
minimum standards of acceptability, but will not be peer reviewed in
detail. Authors will individually retain copyright (and all other
rights) to their late-breaking papers and should feel free to submit
them (either before or after the above deadline) for publication by
other conferences or journals.

Late-breaking papers must be submitted in camera-ready form in
accordance with the final camera-ready GECCO-99 format specifications
that can be found at the GECCO-99 WWW site at

Late-breaking papers should be no more than 9 pages in length. Please
send TWO camera-ready copies (printed with very high quality by laser
printer) and the SIGNED "permission to publish" form (below) to

GECCO-99 Late-Breaking Papers
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
445 Burgess Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025.USA
PHONE: 415-328-3123

No FAX or E-mail submissions can be accepted.

Our apologies if you receive more than one copy of this announcement.


For Late-Breaking Papers at the GECCO-99 Conference

Title of Paper: _____________________________________________

Author(s): __________________________________________________

The undersigned (hereinafter the "Author"), desiring that the paper
identified above (hereinafter the "Paper") appear in a publication
entitled "Late-Breaking Papers at the 1999 Genetic and Evolutionary
Computation Conference" to be edited by John R. Koza and David
E. Goldberg, hereby grants non-exclusive permission to the
International Society for Genetic Algorithms ,a Massachusetts
not-for-profit corporation and Genetic Programming Inc., a California
corporation, to prepare and print the Paper for distribution at the
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 1999 and sale
throughout the world, in this publication.

The Author retains copyright, right to transfer the copyright to other
parties is in the future, right to use any and all portions of the
Paper in future publications by the Author, all proprietary rights
(patent rights, etc.), and all other rights.

The Author warrants that he/she is the author and/or proprietor of the
Paper; that he/she has full power to make this agreement; that the
Paper does not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, or patent; and
that he/she has not granted or assigned any rights on the Paper to any
person or entity that would interfere with this grant of permission.

Authorized Signature: ________________________________________

Printed Name of Signer: ________________________________________

Date: _____________________

Address: __________________________________________



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