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Asia's biggest business is YOUR business

Dear Agribusiness Professional:

Please excuse the intrusion. Our market research has
identified you as somebody who might be interested in
our unique service. If we are mistaken, please delete
this message and accept our apologies for taking up your

However, if your organization supplies the Asia Pacific
agribusiness markets, or if developments in these markets
affect your business, then Asia Pacific Agribusiness
Report is for you.

Agribusiness -- the region's fastest-growing business by
far -- is only going to get bigger as we enter the new
millenium. Almost two-thirds of the world's population lives
in the Asia-Pacific region. Feeding that steadily growing
population is the biggest single challenge facing the region

And that enormous challenge can give your company greater
opportunities for bigger profits!

Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report provides timely and
relevant information about the most important agribusiness
trends and developments -- information that you will need in
your business decision-making.

You will get official policy decisions in advance, industry
situations, business intelligence, supply-and-demand forecasts,
and much, much more. Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report tells you
what you need to know about the biggest, fastest-growing and
most important business sector in the world's most populous and
dynamic region.

It is the only publication of its kind in the market today.

Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report is the only publication that
provides specialized but comprehensive coverage on the sector.
Since its launch in 1988 it has gained a reputation and
recognition as a prime source of information and analysis of
Asia's biggest business sector.

Produced by Asia Letter Publishers, Asia-Pacific Agribusiness
Report is part of a prestigious family of intelligence
newsletters. Our flagship weekly publication, Asia Letter, is
read in more than 70 countries and has been serving the need-to-
know requirements of business professionals for 36 years.

Each month Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report's network of
correspondents combs research papers and specialized publications,
talks to researchers, academics, state officials, traders,
farmers, fishers, food processors, wholesale and retail
distributors, and other specialists, providing region-wide
coverage which cannot be found anywhere else. Executives of
agribusiness firms involved in Asia, as well as researchers,
academics, and other specialists who need to keep track of
agricultural developments in the region will tell you the
information they get from the Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report
is simply invaluable.

Its background commentaries, in-depth analysis, current -- and
often advanced -- information give you an edge over your
competitors. By knowing exactly what is going on throughout the
region, and knowing what is going to happen next, you can plan
more effectively and efficiently.

Yes! You can now have that insider information that can affect
your bottom line, and at a very reasonable price. At no risk
whatsoever on your part! A one-year subscription to Asia-Pacific
Agribusiness Report costs just US$265. For that you get 12
information-packed issues delivered worldwide by airmail, telling
you precisely what you need to know about the most important
sector in the world's most dynamic region.

And here's an offer you cannot refuse!

If you subscribe today, we will send you your first three issues
FREE, giving you a total of 15 monthly issues for the price of 12.

Enclose your payment with your order and we will also send you,
absolutely FREE, an Asia Letter 1999 Executive Report on any three
Asian countries of your choice.

You can choose from 23 Executive Reports, each packed with the
latest economic, trade, investment, social and political
information on a particular Asian country. These Reports normally
sell for US$18 each, but you can choose any three absolutely FREE
when you enclose your Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report subscription
payment with your order.

We are so sure you will benefit from the Asia-Pacific Agribusiness
Report that we offer you a money-back guarantee. We will refund
the unused portion of your subscription any time if you are not
satisfied -- and you still keep the three Executive Reports FREE.

Here's how you can get this amazing package: To receive 15 issues
of Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report for the price of 12, send
your name, title, company and mailing address by email to or by fax to our USA service desk at

Please mark your message with "Subscribe APAR". We will confirm
your order and send you an invoice with your first issue.

To receive 15 issues of Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report for the
price of 12, AND receive FREE 1999 Executive Reports on the three
Asian countries of your choice, send a check for US$265, drawn
on a US bank branch and payable to ASIA LETTER PUBLISHERS to:
APAR Subscriptions, Asia Letter Publishers, GPO Box 10874,
Hong Kong SAR, China.

Please do not forget to include your name, company and mailing
address, as well as tell us which three countries you have chosen
for your free Executive Reports (see below for list).

For alternative methods of payment, or to receive further
information on Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report and other
newsletters from Asia Letter Publishers, please email us.

The Asia Letter 1999 Executive Report Series has reports available
for the following countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma,
China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, North
Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New
Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and

Thank you for your time. We look forward to welcoming you to our
growing family of subscribers.

Nigel Armstrong
Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Report

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