Opportunity: GA/Elec Eng/Scientist - USA

Lee Marc (lmarc@morgankennedy.com)
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 11:19:11 +0200 (MET DST)


My name is Lee Marc. I'm the Managing Director of Morgan Kennedy Inc., a
High-Technology Venture Capital Organization here in the Silicon Valley.

We're looking for Research Scientist/Product Development Engineer for a San
Jose CA based software company. This person will apply their knowledge in
Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic to solve real-life NP Complete problems
in the area of Digital Logic Design and Verification.

Additional exposure to or experience with ASIC engineering or Chip Design,
Electronic Design Automation (EDA), and programming with Verilog, VHDL, C,
C++, and Java are a definite plus. Academic coursework in Electrical
Engineering and/or Mathematics is helpful and a Masters level Education
and/or Ph.D. is preferred.

Our client company creates an EDA toolset for chip designers and developers.
The toolset embodies a system validation environment capable of automatic
functional test generation. Using our clients software, chip developers and
designers speed up and enhance the development, verification and validation
of highly integrated devices. This toolset enables companies both large and
small to enjoy fast cycle, first pass, functional silicon success - while
avoiding costly ASIC turns and minimizing difficult prototype debugging.

This is a young and close knit company which has been in business since mid
1996 - yet can boast of an impressive client base including: Hewlett
Packard, NEC, Hitachi, Seimens, and Intel. They're a growing,
self-financed, exciting and profitable organization.

We have been asked to perform a confidential search for people who will fit
properly into this organization, which offers above average benefits &
salaries and a great work environment.

This person will Report to the CEO and interact with software and product
developers to create innovative products that will help close the
“verification gap” that exists today in the ASIC Design Verification

This is a true opportunity for challenge and personal development through
leadership and contribution. This company requires a self directed, detail
oriented problem solver who works well with others and both enjoys and
thrives in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment.

Having personally founded 3 technology companies, I genuinely believe this
is one of those rare companies, which is primed to experience rapidly
increasing market penetration. This is also a rare opportunity for the
right person to find themselves in the right place at the right time - with
a ground floor and equity sharing opportunity.

Our client is a successful and growing organization. The company places
great importance on the happiness of its team. The staff operates with a
vested interest in the company's success (largely due to generous stock
options), which fosters a family oriented environment. You'll find the team
to be cooperative and noticeably cohesive. Put simply - this is a place
where it's easy to enjoy your job.

Since the organization is still growing, this person will be part of the
team that will lay the groundwork for the future environment,
team-orientation, work ethic, processes and culture of the company.

The base salary range for this position is extremely competitive and is
negotiable commensurate with skills and experience. The position also comes
with very generous stock options. It's conceivable that soon after going
public or being acquired the options will be worth considerably more than
the option price.

The company also offers a 401K plan. Moreover they offer full medical and
dental insurance coverage. And in addition to several paid holidays per
year, the position offers 4 weeks paid vacation annually.

This person will report directly to the CEO and will interact regularly with
application designers, engineers and programmers. You will be expected to
be open, honest, & communicative. The Sr. management will expect you to do
the best job you can, know when to ask for help, and to live up to your
word. They're always willing to give a lot of guidance when necessary, are
strong believers in accountability and supporting their team members in any
way possible.

What happens next......

If this opportunity sounds at all interesting to you, feel free to reply
with your most current resume and the best time and place to contact you.
Additionally you are welcome to call us anytime at the number below. If you
are interested, we will want to get to know you better, answer any questions
you may have. We do need to fill this position immediately. If you are at
all curious I suggest you send your resume and call us so that we may
understand your qualifications and if appropriate arrange an interview.

This is not a high-pressure situation. All conversations will be held in
the utmost confidence. Your name will never be mentioned to our client (or
anyone else for that matter) without your written permission. We only ask
that you show our client the same courtesy.

On a somewhat of a personal note, the best advice I can offer is to make
sure you keep abreast of your worth in the market place. Interviewing every
so often is a painless and effective way to do that. This particular
opportunity is probably the one that's worth making the time for.

Thanks in advance for your time and we look forward to speaking with you.


Lee A. Marc
Morgan Kennedy, Inc.
(650) 566-9800


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