WISP'99 call for papers

Annamaria R. Varkonyi-Koczy (koczy@mit.bme.hu)
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 19:14:43 +0100 (MET)


IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Signal Processing

5 -7 September 1999
Budapest, Hungary

Sponsored by: IEEE Hungary Section
IEEE Hungary I&M Society Joint Chapter
Hungarian National Committee for Technological
(all applied for or pending)

Organised by: IEEE Hungary Section
IEEE Hungary I&M Society Joint Chapter
IEEE I&M Society Technical Committee 7 (Signals and
Systems Measurements)
IEEE I&M Society Technical Committee 6 (Emerging
Technical University of Budapest


Today's complex industrial and engineering systems - especially
with the appearance of large-scale embedded and/or real-time
systems - confront researchers and engineers with completely new
challenges. Measurement and signal processing systems are involved
in almost all kind of activities in that field where control
problems, system identification problems, industrial technologies,
etc. are to be solved, i.e., when signals, parameters, or
attributes must be measured, monitored, approximated, or determined
somehow. In a large number of cases traditional information
processing tools and equipment fail to handle these problems. Not
only the handling of the previously unseen spatial and temporal
complexity is questionable but such problems have also to be
addressed like the interaction and communication of subsystems
based on entirely different modeling and information expression
methods. The handling of abrupt changes within the environment
and/or the processing system, the possible temporal shortage of
computational power and/or loss of some data due to the former also
have to be evaluated.

Signal processing should even in these cases provide outputs of
acceptable quality to continue the operation of the complete
system, producing data for qualitative evaluations and supporting
decisions. It means the introduction of new ideas for specifying,
designing, implementing, and operating sophisticated signal
processing systems. Intelligent - artificial intelligence, soft
computing, anytime, etc. - methods are serious candidates for
handling many of the theoretical and practical problems, providing
a better description, and, in many cases, are the best if not the
only alternatives for emphasizing significant aspects of system
behavior. These new techniques, however, are not widely used in the
field of signal processing because some of the critical questions
related to the design and verification are not answered properly
and because the uncertainty in maintained in a quite different way
as it is in the classical metrology.

WISP'99 is primarily directed to discuss the most recent
developments and the on-going research related to intelligent
signal processing in embedded and/or real time systems. A secondary
purpose of the workshop is, to identify the succesful applications
of already well settled methological tools of the field.For this
very reason separate sessions are planed to be organized to cover
applications based on the proper combination of well-matured
techniques, and the results of recent investigations which might
open new vistas for the research community. Attention will be
focused on, but not limited to: modeling, uncertainty-handling,
artificial intelligence, soft computing techniques, anytime
algorithms, adaptive and nonlinear processing, intelligent signal
processing, embedded systems, real-time systems, distributed
diagnostic systems, VLSI/ASIC for intelligent signal processing,
tool integration for better performance, performance modeling,
performance measurement, applications.

Honorary Chairs:

Stephen F. Adam (USA)
Lotfi A. Zadeh (USA)

General Co-Chairs:

Gabor Peceli (Hungary)
Sergios Theodoridis (Greece)
Annamaria R. Varkonyi-Koczy (Hungary)

International Program Committee:

P. Albertos (Spain) C. Moraga (Germany)
J. Bokor (Hungary) J. Nossek (Germany)
A. Van den Bos (The Netherlands) Z. Papp (The Netherlands)
J.M. Boucher (France) P. Pataki (Hungary)
P.M. Frank (Germany) V. Piuri (Italy)
F. Friedler (Hungary) R. Poluzzi (Italy)
T. Fukuda (Japan) K.R. Rao (USA)
J. McGhee (Scotland, UK) I.J. Rudas (Hungary)
G.L Gissinger (France) F. Russo (Italy)
K. Hirota (Japan) D. Sauter (France)
P. Kopacek (Austria) J. Schoukens (Belgium)
R. Leitch (Scotland, UK) J. Sztipanovits (USA)
M. Min (Estonia) R. Thoma( (Germany)

Information concerning the organisation:

TRIVENT Conference Office
1125 Budapest, Hungary
Szamoca u. 6/b
Phone/Fax: +36-1-3566-240
E-mail: trivent@mail.elender.hu
Home page: http://www.elender.hu/~trivent

Information concerning the technical program:

Prof. A.R. Varkonyi-Koczy
Department of Measurement and Information Systems
Technical University of Budapest
Muegyetem rkp. 9.
H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
phone: +36-1-4632057
fax: +36-1-463-4112
email:koczy@mit.bme.hu or: wisp99@mit.bme.hu

General Information:

The Conference will be held at Hotel Gellért, Budapest.

Budapest can easily be reached by air or train from all major
European cities. An Airport Minibus service is available from the
airports to each hotel. Railway Stations are connected with Public
Transport. Taxi service is easily available in the city.

The conference language is English.

3 copies of the extended abstract (about 3 pages) or a draft of the
paper, including the summary of accomplishments, the significance
of the contribution and a list of references, should be submitted
by 31 March 1999. The notification of acceptance will be mailed on
15 May 1999. The camera-ready manuscripts will be due by 30 June

Each accepted paper will be published in the Volume of Proceedings
that will be distributed at the Registration.

To register for the Conference please fill in and return the
enclosed form.

Registration fee:
The expected registration fee is 120/160 USD for early and 150/190
USD for late registrants.

Dates and Deadlines:
Submission of abstracts: 31 March 1999.
Notification of acceptance: 15 May 1999.
Final Manuscript due: 30 June 1999.
Early Registration: before 1 August 1999.
CONFERENCE: 5-7 September 1999.

(deadline: 31 March 1999)

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