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*** DECEMBER 15, 1998 ***


13th European Simulation Multiconference , ESM'99
June 1-4, 1999, Warsaw, Poland
Modeling & Simulation: a Tool for the next Millennium

Organized and Sponsored by SCS Society for Computer Simulation
assisted by IEEE Computer Society Poland

hosted by IBIB PAS, Poland
ICM, Interdisciplinary Center for Modeling,
University of Warsaw, Poland


The ESM`99 is the international conference
concerned with state of the art technology in
modeling and simulation. For several years, ESM
has proven to be an outstanding forum
for researchers involved in building innovative
simulation systems, simulation and
modeling tools and applications on both the
research and industrial front. The SCS
European Simulation Multiconference features an
outstanding technical program ranging
from introductory tutorials to software reviews to
state-of-the-art research and
practice. The conference includes exhibits,
business meetings for professional societies,
software user groups, and a social program..
All submissions will be peer reviewed by three
members of the International Program
Committee. Accepted papers will be published in
the conference Proceedings ( both print
and CD), which will be copyrighted and widely
disseminated. Volume 1 of Proceedings
will contain accepted regular papers submitted as
full papers, Volume 2 will contain
accepted short papers submitted as abstracts,
reports of industrial projects and
summaries of posters.
All talks and tutorials must be accompanied by a
paper of between three to eight
Proceedings pages. We plan to publish selected
papers in one of outstanding simulation
Contributions to the technical program are
solicited in the following general areas,
although papers in any area of discrete-event and
combined discrete-event and
continuous simulation will be considered:

S1 Simulation Methodology
Dr. Herbert Praehofer, University of Linz,
Austria, Dr. Adelinde Uhrmacher, University
of Ulm, Germany

S2 Simulation Languages and Tools
Dr. Karin Reger, University of Passau, Germany,
Prof. Ralph Huntsinger, University of
Chico, USA

S3 Simulation Validation Methodologies
Prof. Steven Stevenson, University of Clemson,
USA, Dr. Jörg Desel, University of
Karlsruhe, Germany

S4 Web Based Simulation
Prof. Guiseppe Iazeolla, Dr. Andrea D'Amborgio,
University of Roma, Tor Vergata, Italy,

S5 Simulation and Education
Prof. P. Lorenz, University of Magdeburg, Germany,
Dr. Michael Syrjakow, University of
Karlsruhe, Germany
Email: ,

D1 Poster Session, D2 Student Session
Dr. Zenon Sosnowski, Bialystok University of Technology Poland,
Dr. M. Doros, Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, PAS,
Warsaw. Poland

Applications of Simulation, Prof. Henri Pierreval,
Dr. Paris, IFMA, France,,

A1 Applications in Telecommunication
Prof. Michal Pioro, Warsaw University of
Technology, Poland,
A2 Biomedicine
Prof. A. Werynski, Institute of Biocybernetics and
Biomedical Engineering PAS, Warsaw
A3 Modeling of Manufacturing Processes, Scheduling
Prof. Heimo Adelsberger, Universitaet, GH Essen,
A4 Modeling Technical Processes
Prof. Michal Kleiber, Institute of Fundamental
Technological Research PAS, Warsaw,
Poland ,
A5 Air Transportation and Aerospace
Dr. Juan Miro, ESA, The Netherlands, Prof. O.
Hryniewicz, System Research Institute
PAS, Poland,,
A6 Decision Processes in Management
Dr. Andrzej Najgebauer, Military University of
Technology, Poland,
A7 Electrical Power Plants
Prof. Janos Sebestyen Janosy, KFKI, Hungary,
A8 Industrial Applications
Agostino Bruzzone, University of Genoa, Italy,

International Conference on Qualitative
Information, Fuzzy Techniques and Neural
Networks in Simulation
Prof. Francois Cellier, University of Arizona,
USA, ,
Josep Aguilar, LAAS, Universita de Girona, Spain,
Modeling Multimedia Support in Next Generation
High Speed Network,
Dr. Hermann de Meer, Columbia University, USA,
Dr. Stefan Fischer, International University ,

Keynote Address: Dr. Dejan J. Sobajic, EPRI, Palo
Alto, USA,
Title to be announced later

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Bogdan Lessyng, ICM Warsaw, Poland
Modeling Physical and Molecular Processes
Prof. Kishor Trivedi, Duke University, USA
Performability Modeling
Prof. Erol Gelenbe, University of Central Florida,
and Duke University,USA
Humanitarian De-Mining: Simulation and
Modeling in the Search for Land Mines

Tutorials: Prof. Helena Szczerbicka, University
of Bremen, Germany,
T1- Introductory Tutorials, T2- State of the Art
Tutorials, T3- Software and
Modelware Tutorials

Exhibbition: Prof. W. Krug, Dualzentrum, Dresden,

Diverse Activities: If you plan to organize a
Vendor Session, an Invited Session or a
Panel Discussion please contact the European
Simulation Office.
Outstanding Paper Reward
The 1999 European Simulation Multiconference
Committee will select the Outstanding
Paper of the Conference.

General Chair : Prof. Helena Szczerbicka,
University of Bremen, Germany,
Program Chair: Prof. Marek Niezgodka, ICM,
Warsaw University, Poland,
Local Chair: Prof. Leon Bobrowski, IBIB PAS,

Because of the limited space in this version of
the Call for Papers, the complete listing of
International Program Committee members and
programs of tracks are not included.
They can be found on our website under: and

The official conference language and the language
of accepted papers will be English.

Send all submissions in an electronic form
uuencoded or MIME, Postscript indicating
the designated track and a type of submission
(full paper or an extended abstract) to both
the General Chair (
AND to the SCS European
Office ( For the
NGHSN'99 Workshop please send directly to
Dr. Stefan Fischer, ).
Please provide your name, affiliation, full
mailing address, telephone /fax number and Email
address on all submissions as well. For
submissions please put in the subject of your
Email the following indications: esm99, code
of designated track.

December 15 Submit one -to -three page proposals
to organize and chair regular paper

December 15
* Submit contributed full-papers (up to 8
proceedings pages) not previously published.
These submissions when accepted will be published
as regular (of 8 proceeding pages)
* Submit extended abstracts of contributed short
papers, reports of industrial projects
and summaries of posters. These submissions, when
accepted will be published as short
(of 3 proceedings pages) papers.

December 15
* Submit one -to -three page proposals to
present tutorials , to organize and chair
panel sessions, to organize user meetings, vendor
sessions or to exhibit software
* Submit abstracts for student session

March 1 Acceptance Notification

April 15 Authors provide camera-ready manuscript

Further conference information will be available
on the following Web pages:

Prof.Dr. Helena Szczerbicka

Arbeitsbereich tel.:+49 (0421) 218-7389/7390
Modellierung und Rechnerarchitekur fax.:+49 (0421)
Universitaet Bremen
Postfach 33 04 40
28334 Bremen,Germany
European Simulation Multiconference ESM'99, June
1-4, 1999, Warsaw, Poland
please visit our web pages:

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