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*************DEADLINE EXTENSION TO NOVEMBER 30*****************


The Eighth International Fuzzy
Systems Association World Congress

To Review the Past
To Urge the Future

August 17-20, 1999
The Grand Hotel
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.



The objective of the Congress is to encourage communication between
researchers and engineers throughout the world whose works are
to or based on fuzzy set theory and related areas. It is also an
opportunity to present industrial applications, new technologies and
products which are based on, or use fuzzy logic, fuzzy sets and other
soft computing methods.

Main Congress Topics (not limited to)
* Mathematical Foundation
* Uncertainty and Belief Measures
* Management and Social Science
* Fuzzy and Non-standard Logic and Approximate Reasoning
* Information and Data Analysis
* Natural Language Processing and Telecommunications
* Decision Making and Optimization
* Fuzzy Control
* Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
* Fuzzy Neuro Systems
* Classification and Image Processing
* Adaptive Fuzzy Systems
* Soft Computing
* Qualitative and Approximate Modeling
* Fuzzy Logic and Software Engineering
* Virtual Reality
* Man-Machine Interface
* Medical Diagnosis and Biological Applications
* New Hardware Developments
* Others

SUBMISSION INFORMATION (http://se01.csie.ncu.edu.tw/ifsa99.htm)

Papers should be written in English and identify one of the previously

listed topics and include a list of keywords. The IFSA'99
Program Committee will evaluate each submission on the basis of
accuracy, clarity and significance of results. The cover page should
include the following information: authors' names, mailing addresses,
email addresses, affiliation, telephone numbers, topics, an abstract
about 200 words, and a few keywords. The papers should be typeset
LaTex/Tex/MS Word or any equivalent quality typesetting system in 10pt

They should not exceed six pages with two columns. After acceptance,
authors will be asked to prepare a four-page paper for inclusion in
proceedings of the conference. Authors or their representatives are
to present their papers. Authors should submit 3 copies of their
the Program Committee Chair listed below :

Professor Jonathan Lee :

Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering
National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan
Phone: 886-3-422-7151 ext.4510
Fax: 886-3-422-2681
Email : yjlee@se01.csie.ncu.edu.tw


Deadline for submission of papers Nov. 30, 1998
Notification of acceptance Jan. 31, 1999
Final Manuscript due March 31, 1999
Deadline for pre-registration July 1, 1999
CONGRESS August 17-20, 1999


International Program Committee
K.N. An (USA) T.Y. Lin (USA)
J.F. Baldwin (UK) Y.M. Liu (China)
Z. Bien (Korea) K.C. Min (Korea)
H.R. Berenji (USA) M. Mizumoto (Japan)
J.C. Bezdek (USA) V. Novak (Czech)
B. Bouchon-Meunier (France) K.H. Oh (Korea)
C. Carlsson (Finland) M. Park(Korea)
D. Dubois (France) W. Pedrycz (Canada)
F. Esteva (Spain) H. Prade (France)
S.C. Fang (USA) D.A. Ralescu (USA)
M. Fedrizzi (Italy) A. Ramer (Australia)
T. Fukuda (Japan) E.H. Ruspini (USA)
L. Godo (Spain) E. Sanchez(France)
L.O. Hall (USA) S. Shenoi (USA)
R. Hammell (USA) M. H. Smith (Canada)
K. Hirota (Japan) M. Sugeno (Japan)
O. Itoh (Japan) H. Takagi (Japan)
H.T. Jeon (Korea) H. Takahashi (Japan)
J. Kacprzyk (Poland) I.B. Turksen (Canada)
J. Keller (USA) H. Wang (USA)
Etienne Kerre (Belgium) P. Wang (USA)
E.P. Klement (Austria) P. Z. Wang (USA)
G.J. Klir (USA) T. Yamakawa (Japan)
L.T. Koczy (Hungary) H. Ying (USA)
D. Lakov (Bulgaria) R.R. Yager (USA)
R. Langari (USA) J. Yen (USA)
C.S. George Lee (USA) J. Zimmermann (Germany)
E.S. Lee (USA)

Area Chairs

Fuzzy Mathematics, Basic Sciences
Didier Dubois
Porte 308
IRIT, University Paul Sabatier,
118 route de Narbonne,
31062, Toulouse,Cedex, France
Email: dubois@irit.fr

Fuzzy Decision Making and Optimization, Preference Modeling
S.C. Fang
Operations Research and Industrial Engineering,
North Carolina State University,
Box7913, Raleigh, NC27695, USA
Email: fang@eos.ncsu.edu

Fuzzy Management and Economics, Behavioral Sciences,
Qualitative and Approximate Modeling
H.J. Zimmermann
Templergraben 64
D-52062 Aachen, Germany
Email: zi@buggi.or.rwth-aachen.de

Fuzzy Pattern Recognition, Data Analysis and Mining,
Image Processing and Classification
Witold Pedrycz
University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg R3T 5V6 Manitoba, Canada
E-mail: pedrycz@eeserv.ee.umanitoba.ca

Fuzzy Control
Zeungnam Bien
373-1 Kusong-dong Yusong-ku Tajeon 305-701, Korea
E-mail: zbien@ee.kaist.ac.kr

Man-Machine Interface, Adaptive Fuzzy Systems
Kaoru Hirota
Tokyo Institute of Technology
4259 Nagatsuta, Midori-Ku, Yokohama 226, Japan
Email: hirota@hrt.dis.titech.ar.jp

Approximate Reasoning Methods
John Yen
Texas A&M University,
College Station, TX77843-3112, USA
Email: yen@cs.tamu.edu

Soft Computing, Neural Nets and Virtual Reality
E. Stanley. Lee
Department of Industrial Engineering,
Durland Hall,Manhattan, Kansas 66506-5101, USA
Email: eslee@ksuvm.ksu.edu

Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Information Systems
Laszlo. T. Koczy
Technical University Budapest,
Bertalan Lajos V.2.,
Building Z, I.F. 102, H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
Email: koczy@ttt-202.ttt.bme.hu

Medicine, Biology, Life Sciences and Other Bio-Electronic Applications

Kai-Nan An
Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab.
Mayo Clinic
Rochoster, Minnesota 55905, USA
Email: an.kainan@mayo.edu

Jonathan Lee, Professor
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Central University
Chungli, Taiwan

E-mail: yjlee@se01.csie.ncu.edu.tw Tel: +886-3-422-7151 ext. 4510 Fax: +886-3-422-2681 http://se01.csie.ncu.edu.tw/~jonathan

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