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Dear friends!
I'm interested in Fuzzy Logic in AI. My research work connects with
Linguistic Approximation.
I need some articles and book relating to fuzzy systems, control and others
for my research work.
I live in East Europe and I have earned equivalent about $900 in year, that
is why I do not have the financial means to pay for such a request and I am
asking for your assistance.
Can body among you send me the copies such issues as:

Lofti A. Zadeh
- "Fuzzy Sets," Information & Control, Vol. 8, 1965, pp338-353.
- "Fuzzy algorithms," Info. & Ctl., Vol. 12, 1968, pp. 94-102.
- (!!!) "Fuzzy Logic and Its Application to Approximate Reasoning,"
Information Processing, 74:591-594, 1974.
- (!!!) "The Concept Of Linguistic Variable and Its Application to
Approximate Reasoning III," Information Sciences, 9:43-80, 1975.
- "Fuzzy sets as a basis for a theory of possibility," Fuzzy Sets Syst.,
Vol. 1, pp3-28, 1978.
- "The role of fuzzy logic in the management of uncertainty in expert
systems." Memorandum No. UCB/ERL M83/41, University of California, Berkeley,
- "Making computers think like people," I.E.E.E. Spectrum, 8/1984, pp.
- (!!!) " Fuzzy Sets and Applications" (selected papers, R.R.Yager,
S.Ovchinnikov, R.M.Tong and H.T.Ngyuen Eds.) Wiley, New York, 1987.
- "An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Applications in Intelligent Systems" with
Yager, R.R. Eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 1991.
- "Uncertainty In Knowledge Bases" with Yager, R.R. Eds. Springer-Verlag,
Berlin, 1991.
- (!!!) "The calculus of fuzzy if-then rules," AI Exp.7,3 (Mar. 1992),

Bart Kosko
- "Fuzzy Knowledge Combination," International Journal of Intelligent
Systems, I:293-320, 1986.
- (!!!!!) "Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems," Prentice-Hall, 1991 (ISBN
- (!!!) "Fuzzy Function Approximation." Proceedings of the 1992
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Vol. I, pp209-213.
- "Fuzzy Logic," with Satoru Isaka, Scientific American, vol. 269, 76 - 81,
July 1993.
- (!!!!!) "Fuzzy Thinking," Hyperion/Disney Books, 1993 (ISBN
- "Fuzzy Function Learning with Covariance Ellipsoids," with Julie A.
Dickerson. Proceedings of the 1993 International Joint Conference on Neural
Networks, San Fransisco, Vol. 3, pp1162-1167.
- "Fuzzy Function Approximation with Supervised Ellipsoidal Learning," with
Julie A. Dickerson. Proceedings of the 1993 International Neural Networks
Society, July, Vol. 2, pp9-17.
- "Optimal Fuzzy Rules Cover Extrema," International Journal of Intelligent
Systems, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 249-255, February 1995.
- (!!!!!) "Fuzzy Engineering," Prentice Hall, 1996 (ISBN 0-13-124991-6).
- "Fuzzy Function Approximation with Ellipsoidal Rules," with Julie A.
Dickerson, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol. 26, no.
4, 542-560, August 1996.
- (!!!) "Combining fuzzy systems." In Proceedings of the IEEE International
Conference on Fuzzy Systems (IEEE-FUZZ-95), pp.1855-1863, March 1995.
- "Neural Fuzzy Agents for Database Search," with Sanya Mitaim. CIA 1997: pp
- "Neural Fuzzy Agents for Profile Learning and Object Matching," with Sanya
Mitaim. Agents 1997: pp.544-545.
- "Neural Fuzzy Agents for Profile Learning and Adaptive Object Matching,"
with Sanya Mitaim, Presence, vol. 7, no. 5, October 1998.
Li Xin Wang (Li-Xin Wang)
- (!!!) "Analysis and Design of Fuzzy Systems." Ph.D. Dissertation,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 1992.
- "Stable Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Systems," IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy
Systems, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 146-155, 1993.
- "Fuzzy Adaptive Filters, with Application to Nonlinear Channel
Equalization," with J.M. Mendel, IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 1, No.
3, pp. 161-170, 1993.
- "Adaptive Fuzzy Systems and Control: Design and stability Analysis,"
Prentice-hall: Engleweed Cliffs, NJ, 1994.
- (!!!) "Analysis and Design of Fuzzy Identifiers of Nonlinear Dynamic
Systems," IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 11-23, 1995.
- (!!!!!) "A Course in Fuzzy Systems and Control," Prentice-Hill: Englewood
Cliffs, NJ, 1996.

Jerry M. Mendel
- (!!!) "Fuzzy Logic Systems for Engineering: A Tutorial," IEEE Proceedings,
vol. 83, no. 3, pp. 345-377, March 1995.
- (!!!) "Fuzzy Logic Systems: Theory and Applications," with G.Mouzouris,
IEEE Trans. On Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 5, pp.56-71, February 1997
- Hyun M. Kim and Jerry M. Mendel, "Fuzzy Basis Functions: Comparisons with
Other Basis Functions," USC SIPI Report, # ?, January 1993.

- (!!!) Li-Xin Wang and Jerry M. Mendel, "Generating Fuzzy Rules from
Numerical Data, with Applications," USC SIPI Report, # 169, January 1991.
- (!!!) Li-Xin Wang and Jerry M. Mendel, "Analysis and Design of Fuzzy Logic
Controller," USC SIPI Report, # 184, August 1991.
- Li-Xin Wang and Jerry M. Mendel, "Fuzzy Adaptive Filters, with Application
to Nonlinear Channel Equalization," October 1992.
- (!!!) Li-Xin Wang and Jerry M. Mendel, "Back-propagation fuzzy systems as
nonlinear dynamic system identifiers," submitted to IEEE International Conf.
On Fuzzy Systems, 1992.

Other authors:
- (!!!!!) A. Geyer-Schulz, "Fuzzy Rule-Base Expert Systems and Genetic
Machine Learning", Vol.3, 1995.
- Brubaker, David I. "Fuzzy Centroids and Singletons," Huntington Technical
Brief, November 1991, No. 20.
- (!!!) Brubaker, David I. "Fuzzy Rules and Membership Functions from Data,"
Huntington Technical Brief, July 1993, No. 40.
- Brubaker, David I. "Fuzzy Tools," Huntington Technical Brief, November
1994, No. 56.
- Cooper, Mark G. and Jacques J. Vidal. "Genetic Design of Fuzzy
Controllers". The Second International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and
Technology, 1993.
- (!!!) Daniel McNeill and Paul Freiberger, Simon & Schuster, "Fuzzy Logic,"
N.Y., 1993.
- Dayhoff, Judith E. "Neural Network Architectures: An Introduction." Van
Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1990.
- Dickerson, Julie A. "Fuzzy Function Approximation with Ellipsoidal Rules."
Ph.D. dissertation, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA,
November 1993.
- Dubois, D. and Prade H. " Fuzzy Sets and Systems" Academic Press, New
York, 1980.
- (!!!) E.Cox "The Fuzzy Systams Handbook," Academic Press, 1994.
- Goldberg, David E. "Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and
Machine Learning." Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1989.
- (!!!) Goldberg, David E. "Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms Come Of
Age." ACM 37, 3 (March 1994).
- Ishibuchi, Hisao, Ken Nozaki and Naohisa Yamamoto. "Selecting Fuzzy Rules
by Genetic Algorithm for Classification Problems." Proceedings of the Second
IEEE Conference on Fuzzy Systems. San Fransisco, March 1993, Vol 2,
- (!!!) Karr, Charles L. "Design of an Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller Using
a Genetic Algorithm." Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on
Genetic Algorithms. San Diego, July 1991, pp450-457.
- (!!!) Karr, Charles L. "Genetic Algorithms in Adaptive Fuzzy Control."
Proceedings of the 1992 North American Fuzzy Logic Processing Society.
Mexico, December 1992, Vol. 2, pp506-514.
- (!!!) Khan, E., Venkatapuram, P. "NeuFuz: Neural Network Based Fuzzy Logic
Design Algorithms." Proceedings of the FUZZ-IEEE93, pp647-654, Vol. 1, March
- Khedkar, Pratap S. and Hamid R. Berenji. "Generating Fuzzy Rules with
Linear Consequents from Data." Proceedings of the 1993 International Neural
Network Society, July, Vol. 2, pp18-21.
- (!!!!!) Klir, G.J. and Yuan, B. "Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic - Theory and
Applications", Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1995.
- (!!!!!) L.Davis, " Handbook of Genetic Algorithms", Van Nostrand Reinhold,
- Mcneill, Daniel, and Freiberger, Paul, "Fuzzy Logic," Simon and Schuster,
- (!!!!!) Nguyen, Hung T., Michio Sugeno, Richard Tong, and Ronald R. Yager
(editors). "Theoretical Aspects of Fuzzy Control." John Wiley & Sons, Inc..,
New York, 1995.
- Ralesku, A. Ed. "Fuzzy Logic In AI," In Procedings IJCAP'93 Workshop
(Chambery, France). Lecture Notes in AI, vol.847. Springer Verlag, Berlin,
- Takagi, T. and Sugeno, M. "Fuzzy identification of systems and its
applications to modeling and control," IEEE Trans. Syst. Man & Cybernet.
(1985), 116-132.

It is very long list but I need anything of these papers.
Please, if it is not difficult for you, help me in my request.
Thanks for your attention very much.

My e-mail is: ,

My post mail is:
310012, Ukraine, Kharkov-12, a/b 317

Best regards.

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