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International Conference on Computational Intelligence

May 25 - 27, 1999

Dortmund, Germany

First Announcement and Call for Papers


Fuzzy Days in Dortmund were held for the first time in
1991. Initially, the conference was intended for scientists and
practitioners as a platform for discussions on theory and application
of fuzzy logic. Early on, synergetic links with neural networks were
included and the conference evolved gradually to embrace the full
spectrum of what is now called Computational Intelligence
(CI). Therefore it seemed logical to launch the 4th Fuzzy Days in 1994
as a conference for CI - one of the world's first conferences
featuring fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary algorithms
together in one event. Following this highly successful tradition, the
6th Fuzzy Days' aim is to provide once again an international forum
for reporting significant results on the theory and application of
CI-methods. Emphasis shall also be put on the potentials resulting
from their combinations.

For the first time a special track on industrial applications will be
held to underline the relevance of CI to real-world problems.
Selected by a committee comprising people with an outstanding
industrial background, these reports will highlight the advan-tages of
CI-methods for enterprises.

Again, ITG, GMM, GMA and GI, the well-known German societies which
represent a considerable number of engineers and computer scientists,
are co-organising and supporting the conference. Further support will
be provided by a number of German and international institutions.


Authors are invited to contribute original papers on theoretical
results or innovative applications. Major topics of interest include,
but are not limited to

- Fuzzy Control
- Fuzzy Decision Making and Optimising
- Fuzzy Systems and Hardware
- Fuzzy Image Analysis
- Neural Networks
- Fuzzy Neural Networks
- Evolutionary Strategies
- Genetic Algorithms
- Sub-symbolic Learning

Proposals for posters are also invited. All submissions will be
subject to peer review. In accordance with the tradition set by its
predecessors it is intended o publish the conference proceedings by

Programme and Organising Committee

General Chairman

B. Reusch, Germany

Honorary Chairmen

D. B. Fogel, USA
T. Kohonen, Finland
Z. Pawlak, Poland
L. A. Zadeh, USA

Programme Chairmen

K. Goser, Dortmund
H. Kiendl, Dortmund
B. Reusch, Dortmund
H.-P. Schwefel, Dortmund

Programme Committee

Abel-Hady, F.; Egypt 0 *
Aguilar-Martin, J.; France
Aizenberg, I.; Ukrain
Albrecht, R.; Austria
Al-Gobaisi, D.; United Arabian Emirates 0
Astrvm, K. J.; Sweden 0
Averkin, A. N.; Ukrain 0 *
Bdck, Th.; Germany
Baldwin, J.; UK 0
Banzhaf, W.; Germany
Berenji, H. R.; USA
Bonissone, P. P.; USA 0
Borisov, A. N.; Latvia *
Bosc, P.; France
Bouchon-Meunier, B.; France
Brauer, W.; Germany
Carlsson, C.; Finland
Chan, L.; Hong Kong *
Damiani, E.; Italy *
De Jong, K.; USA
Delgado, M.; Spain 0
Di Nola, A.; Italy
Drechsler, R.; Germany
Dubois, D.; France
Eklund, P.; Sweden 0 *
Esteva, F.; Spain *
Fathi, M.; Germany
Fedrizzi, M.; Italy
Frank, P. M.; Germany
Freksa, Ch.; Germany
Fukuda, T.; Japan 0 *
Geva, A.; Israel 0 *
Glesner, M.; Germany
Gottwald, S.; Germany
Grauel, A.; Germany
Gupta, M. M.; USA
Grzymala-Busse, J.; USA 0
Hajek, P.; Czech Republic 0
Halgamuge, S.; Australia *
Hata, Y.; Japan
Homaifar, A.; USA
Isermann, R.; Germany
Jamshidi, M.; USA *
Kacprzyk, J.; Poland *
Kasabov, N.; New Zealand *
Kaynak, O.; Turkey *
Kerre, E.; Belgium
Klement, E. P.; Austria
Klir, G. J.; USA 0 *
Koczy, L.; Hungary
Kruse, R.; Germany
Larsen, H. L.; Danmark
Lee, T. H.; Singapore 0 *
Liu, Y. M.; China 0 *
Mamdani, E. H.; UK
Mansour, M.; Switzerland 0
Mesiar, R.; Slovak Republic
Mohammadian, M.; Australia 0
Moraga, C.; Germany
Nauck, D.; Germany
Negoita, M. Gh.; New Zealand
Novak, V.; Czech Republic
Oh, K.-W.; South Korea
Ollero, A.; Spain
Orlowska, E.; Poland
Pedrycz, W.; Canada *
Reuter, M.; Germany
Ruspini, E. H.; USA
Sinha, B. P.; India 0
Sipper, M.; Switzerland 0
Tanaka, H.; Japan
Tang, Y. Y.; Hong Kong 0
Trillas, E.; Spain
Turksen, I. B.; USA 0
Valverde, L.; Spain
Varachiu, N.; Romania *
Verdegay, J. L.; Spain
Yager, R. R.; USA
Yamakawa, T.; Japan

Industry Track Committee

Bastian, A.; VW AG
Georg, E.; Endress + Hauser GmbH
Grollmann, J.; Siemens AG
Rossteuscher, D.; Bosch-Siemens-Hausgerdte GmbH 0
Schdfer, R.; Boehringer Mannheim GmbH
Schrvder, H.-J.; VDO Adolf Schindling AG
Schwdrtzel, H. J.; FAST
Schubert, A.; Dow Chemicals
Splettstv_er, W.; Siemens AG
Tresp, V.; Siemens AG
Ulyanov, S. V.; Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.0
Wagner, R.; Thomson Multimedia GmbH

* regional co-ordinator
0 tentative

Organising Committee

N. Jesse (University of Dortmund)
V. Schanz (ITG)
R. Theobald (GMM)

Conference Secretariat

Ms Ulrike Lippe
University of Dortmund
Computer Science I
D-44221 Dortmund, Germany

+49 231 755 62 23

+49 231 755 65 55


Guidelines for Submission

Authors are requested to submit an unpublished contribution, written
in English and not exceeding three pages (extended abstract; four
copies) to

Prof. Dr. Bernd Reusch
University of Dortmund
Computer Science I
D-44221 Dortmund, Germany

+49 231 755 62 22

+49 231 755 65 55


Authors' name(s) and address(es) must not appear in the abstract and
self-reference should be in the third person. Separate from this, the
author(s) must provide contact information.

If accepted, the authors have to prepare the final camera-ready
manuscript in time for inclusion in the proceedings and personally
present the paper at the conference.

Tutorials and Exhibition

Pre-Conference Tutorials

Prior to the conference several tutorials will be given, addressing
persons who are interested both in the fundamentals and the
application of CI-methods to real-world problems. There will be
introductory as well as advanced tutorials. Any one who likes to
organise a tutorium is kindly requested to send a proposal to the
Conference Secretariat by January 8, 1999.


A presentation of hardware, software tools and applications in the
domain of CI will take place as an integral part of the Fuzzy Days.
Persons interested in participating are kindly invited to contact the
Conference Secretariat.

Organising Institutions

University of Dortmund, Computer Science I
VDE/VDI-Society of Microelectronics, Micro- and Precision Engineering (GMM)
Information Technology Society within VDE (ITG)
VDI/VDE-Society on Measurement and Control (GMA)

in co-operation with

German Informatics Society (GI)

Sponsoring Organisations

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fuzzy Logik und Softcomputing Norddeutschland (AFN)
Asian Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA)
Berkeley Initiative in Softcomputing (BISC)
City of Dortmund
Dachverband Medizinische Technik (DVMT)
Deutscher Verband f|r Schwei_technik e. V. (DVS)
Deutsche Gesellschaft f|r Logistik e. V.
Dortmund Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK zu Dortmund)
European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technologies (EUSFLAT)
Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA)
Forschungsgemeinschaft Bekleidungsindustrie e. V.
Forschungskuratorium Gesamttextil
International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
Neural Network Council Member Societies (IEEE-NNC)

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