suggestions for improving the FUZZY-MAIL digest

Fabio Boschetti (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 19:37:14 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear all,

I would like to suggest a couple of options to improve our FUZZY-MAIL
digest. I am not an expert in Fuzzy logic, but I like to keep updated on
different topics that I may find useful in my future research. I regurarly
read the FUZZY-MAIL digest, that, on average, is considerably longer than
analogous lists for other research topics. Unfortumnately, nowadays we are
all very busy and I think that making the list more compact would be
advantageous for many.

I noticed that a considerable part of the FUZZY-MAIL digest (possibly up to
more than 30%) is taken by messages of 3 kinds

1) fuzzy logic beginners enquiring about general references to get started
2) conference announcements, containing long lists of topics, commettes and
registration forms
3) discountend books lists

I suggest the following:

1) generate a web page containing general references to fuzzy logic for
beginners and 'intermediate' that can be referred to at the beginning of
any FUZZY-MAIL digest issue. Anyone interested could access it without keep
on posting the same question

2) announce conferences by posting the basic information (title, place,
date and main purpose) and refer to web pages for more detailed information
(especially registration forms!!).

3) again refer to web pages for discounted books. I really do not believe
that selling discounted books should be the purpose of this kind of lists.

I would very much like to contribute by generating the page at point 1
myself, but as I said at the beggining I am not an expert in the field.

I hope this may be useful and not to have offended anyone.. it was surely
not my intention.


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