New book on fuzzy logic

Lluis Godo (
Thu, 21 May 1998 19:21:04 +0200 (MET DST)

Selected papers (with comments) of
some spanish authors

EDITORS: Senen Barro, Alberto Bugarin, Alejandro Sobrino
17 x 24 cms., 269 pp.
1998, ISBN 84-8121-500-7, PVP 6.000 pts.

The book is a compilation of papers on fuzzy fundamentals,
theory and applications that are now considered as a classic
in these fields. These papers are updated and framed in the
present state of art by means of contributions of specialists
in the field that wrote new original articles where analyse
them in detail, along with the lines of research which they
gave rise to. Papers on applications of fuzzy sets theory,
such as Knowledge Based Systems or Decision Making, are
also included.

The criteria for selection of papers were to include works
* constituted relevant contributions to the fuzzy area.
* initiated or contributed substantially to initiating some
lines of study in the fuzzy field, which nowadays have become
very fruitful.
* in spite of their relevance, appeared in journals or conference
notes which are not easily accessible, or which were not widely
distributed, as initially happened with many of the works in this field.

The book covers therefore a double objective:
1. To put little known papers of great relevance at the disposition
of the international fuzzy community.
2. To give abundant information on the importance of these works and
their influence on present lines of research in a number of
applied and theoretical fields.

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