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I think this might be a really good book for you :

Fuzzy Engineering
Online Price: $89.00
By Kosko, Bart; Hardcover; 528 Pages
Published by Prentice Hall; 02/1998; ISBN: 0131249916

You can check out the Table of Contents, Summary and Review at
Computer Literacy -

Hope this helps.


>I am a final year honours Engineering student at the Australian
>National University in Canberra Australia. My final year thesis is to
>design a fuzzy logic controller for a robot that is used to navigate a
>blind person through a series of obstacles. The robot is currently
>implemented witht a PID controller and uses sonar sensors. At present it
>just roams about a room with no specific goal. So my controller
>initially will just require obstacle avoidance. Although I intend to
>upgrade this to implement goal based movement if I have the time. At
>present I am using fuzzy logic to convert the sonar echo pulse into some
>kind of information about the obstacles.
>Since I have had no experience in Fuzzy Logic I need a good reference
>book to learn it from. Unfortunately our University libraries only
>contain old books on fuzzy sets, numbers and theory. I find it hard to
>relate this to my project and I was wondering if anyone could recommend
>a book that covers the basics of fuzzy control and fuzzy logic. I would
>prefer one with good examples rather than a purely mathematical one.
>Also I am also having difficulty finding a good book on sonars used by
>robots. Lots of books on Radar and acoustics but not many at our
>library specifically that deal with sonars.
>cheers and thanks in advance