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Anthony Cowden (
Thu, 21 May 1998 18:39:38 +0200 (MET DST)

Dan JONES wrote:
> Hi
> I am a final year honours Engineering student at the Australian
> National University in Canberra Australia. My final year thesis is to
> design a fuzzy logic controller for a robot that is used to navigate a
> blind person through a series of obstacles. The robot is currently
> implemented witht a PID controller and uses sonar sensors. At present it
> just roams about a room with no specific goal. So my controller
> initially will just require obstacle avoidance. Although I intend to
> upgrade this to implement goal based movement if I have the time. At
> present I am using fuzzy logic to convert the sonar echo pulse into some
> kind of information about the obstacles.
> Since I have had no experience in Fuzzy Logic I need a good reference
> book to learn it from. Unfortunately our University libraries only
> contain old books on fuzzy sets, numbers and theory. I find it hard to
> relate this to my project and I was wondering if anyone could recommend
> a book that covers the basics of fuzzy control and fuzzy logic. I would
> prefer one with good examples rather than a purely mathematical one.

Look at Earl Cox's FUZZY SYSTEMS HANDBOOK (2nd edition coming out this
summer). VERY good introduction to fuzzy logic, but light on control
applications. Also, look at Klir and Yuan's textbook on fuzzy sets and
systems (exact title escapes me: Earl borrowed it recently and hasn't
returned it!).

> Also I am also having difficulty finding a good book on sonars used by
> robots. Lots of books on Radar and acoustics but not many at our
> library specifically that deal with sonars.

As a sonar analyst I find your project very interesting! My
recommendation would be to look into research involving bats and
dolphins and how they use sound waves, what kind of actions they take in
response to different obstacles, what kinds (classes) of obstacles they
can detect, what kind of subtle differences in obstacles can they
detect, etc. Good luck!

> cheers and thanks in advance
> Dan

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