Re: Programming Rules

David A. Fuess (
Thu, 21 May 1998 15:46:09 +0200 (MET DST)

"Swoosh" <> wrote:

>Can anybody give me ideas as to how I should code "rules" in C/C++? I want
>to parse a file full of IF..THEN rules and implement it, but I'm not quite
>sure how I should program the rules matrix... what should it consist of,
>and how should I integrate it? And also, how do I check if a rule fires? I
>mostly understand this conceptually, but when it comes to actually
>implementing it I'm kinda lost.
>Any help appreciated...
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The easiest way is to get Fuzz-C from Bytecraft which generates the C code from your FL
specification. There are a number of FLC generators which produce C
code, but you'll have to pay considerably more for them. Finally,
there are several books which include FL libraries

"Fuzzy Logic for Real World Design", Ted Heske, Jill Neporent Heske /
Paperback / Published 1996

"Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems : A Dynamical Systems Approach to
Machine Intelligence/Book and Disk", Bart Kosko